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Lillian (VP of Durability Department & Design Specialist)

2014 (3) LogoLillian arrived late in the summer of 2011. Our Little Peanut is the Vice President of the Durability Department & Design Specialist

OK, reality is at the time she was born, she was Our Little Peanut, now at age five, she has proven herself to be a major contender in the Kassay household, keeping up to her brother and father in every way possible.

She is a force to be wrecken’ with around here; Lily has absolutely NO fear, she is smart as a whip, creative, sassy, loves learning, outspoken, strong willed, artistic, rough and tumble kinda girl…  She is also our little model and tiny dancer, strutting and twirling in all of our tutus, testing clothing, and showing off blanket designs.

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Our Sassy Little Ballerina can be found decked out in a ruffle, pink tutu, hair braided, with delicate & dainty bows… and if you look closely, you’ll discover both her knees are skinned and there is dirt, paint and blueberries matted in her hair from the day before… And she is completely OK with it 🙂

xo, B

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