Lily & Frog

LEOW & Mom creating clothing & keepsake blankets

Elizabeth Kassay (Owner & Designer)

2015 (6) LogoLily & Frog is Owned & Operated in Southern Connecticut by Elizabeth, a proud Law Enforcement Officer’s Wife and Stay at Home Mom of two smart, enthusiastic, mischievous, and dynamic children.

Lily & Frog began as an outlet for Elizabeth to help wives, mothers and families create keepsake blankets of sentimental family clothing (also to clean out a few husband’s dresser draws)…  Quickly Lily & Frog evoloved from designing keepsake blankets to creating twirling tutus, sparkling birthday ensembles, Supportive Police Family Clothing, festive holiday outfits…

Lily & Frog is a the true definition of a Home Business.  Entirely run in the family home and by her family…  Elizabeth creates her designs, organizes design photo shoots, and meet clients in between playdates, dance class, work schedules, Tee ball games… all while occasionally getting a warm meal on the table and remembering to fold the towers of laundry she is becoming known for 🙂

Lily and Frog Deisgns (9)   2014 (27) Logo   Lily and Frog Deisgns (4)

A GIANT Thank You to all of our clients for their constant patience and understanding…  As a Stay-at-Home Mom running a small business from home with 2 toddlers running around her feet and a husband working midnights…  their family comes first.

Little Known facts about Elizabeth:

  • She writes like she talks…  She uses a lot of dramatic and descriptive words to describe things and chats as though her life depended on it.
  • The first time she saw her husband, she knew he was The One.
  • When cleaning the house she sings at an obnoxiously loud volume, out of tune, dancing along the way with a Swiffer as a dance partner.
  • If she could wear a scarf every day, she would!  Unfortunately the summers are quite warm in CT and a scarf would not work out too well.Lily and Frog Deisgns (11)
  • Favorite place to work, is sitting in Lily’s oversized Pink Pottery Barn chair at the coffee table.  It is the perfect height for the coffee table and tush fits flawlessly in the toddler chair…  Someday she hopes for a grown-up office – UPDATE:  In 2014 she got a real office, now she needs an Office Door!
  • She needs to read every night before bed or can’t sleep… No matter how late heading to bed, she needs to get a few lines read from a book read or she will be tossing and turning all night.
  • She has a tattoo…  Right?!?  We were all a little surprised about that one
  • She goes to the gym about 5 days a week…  And there is a 50/50 chance while running on the treadmill she will trip over her own 2 feet….  And fall off stationary bikes!  This former ballerina has lost her balance with age!
  • If she could wear high heels every day of the week she would.  Her personal theory is the Higher the Heel the Better, +4” heel or more every time…  but unfortunately, 4” heels are not sensible for being on your feet all day chasing two toddlers.

xo, B

Visit our delightful and darling shoppe to browse our Keepsake Blankets, Birthday T-Shirts, Tutus, Tired Mom T-Shirts and MORE at  You may also e-mail Lily & Frog directly at and follow our blog. xo, B


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