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LEOW & Mom creating clothing & keepsake blankets

L & F Family

Lily and Frog Deisgns (10)

Browse below to meet Lily & Frog Family…  We are a 1500% family run business, directly from our home office, with 2 kids racing cars around my desk, flipping through drapery samples, designing a dinning room, piecing together room layouts, assembling keepsake blankets, sprinkling glitter, and planning partiescooking dinner, and occasionally folding a few loads of laundry!  Below, click on our pictures learn more about each of us…

Lily and Frog Deisgns (4)   Lily and Frog Deisgns (7)   Lily and Frog Deisgns (2)   Lily and Frog Deisgns (11)   Lily and Frog Deisgns   Lily and Frog Deisgns (8)

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