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Holly Jolly Christmas Tutu Collection

Christmas 053 (2) AB (1024x576)

The Lily & Frog line of Holly Jolly Christmas Tutus were originally designed and created as a donation for a raffle at the Kent Community Nursery School for our Editor-At-Large.  Once word got out to friends and family, my inbox lit up like a Christmas tree with requests for Christmas inspired tutus and hair accessories…  I was more than happy to oblige.  My only concern was getting all the tutus to their pint-sized prima ballerinas in time for a spin and twirl for Santa!

Please browse the below posts for information on Lily & Frog’s Holly Jolly Christmas Tutus…

Christmas 053 (2) A (1024x576)    Christmas 062 AB (1024x768)     Christmas 039 A (1024x768)   Christmas 002 A (1024x576)

Each Lily & Frog tutu is custom-made, so no two tutus are ever the same. I will be happy to discuss with you a tutu which works best for your little prima ballerina while maintaining a classic pattern with a wholesome and delicate design, finished off with a sprinkle of Lily & Frog flair!

Tutus are available in a variety of sizes (size 6 months to toddler sizes), an assortment of colors, coordinated hair accessories, and an array of accents.  Starting price for a custom designed tutu is $40.00 and may vary slightly from there.

Visit our delightful and darling shop to browse all of our Keepsake Blankets, Birthday T-Shirts, Tutus, Custom Made T-Shirts and MORE at  Click on the images below to browse every design we have created over the years.  You may also e-mail Lily & Frog directly at and follow our blog. xo, B


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