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LEOW & Mom creating clothing & keepsake blankets

Craft Room

Please excuse our unorganized and messy Craft Room…  I’m updating tutorials and pages.  Please e-mail me at if you have questions…  xo, B

DIY Cat Costume Ears Tail (21) (640x640)   DIY Superman Costume (49)   DIY Super Hero Cape Shield (37) (640x426)   DIY McQueen Costume (7) (599x579)   DIY Cat Costume Ears Tail (12) (632x640)   DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (4)   DIY Ballerina Toddler Tutu (39)   DIY Lucy Wilde Costume (10)   DIY Despicable Me (6)B   DIY Minion Costume (15)A   DIY Hair Clip Holder (26)   DIY Hair Clip Holder (25)   DIY Holiday Apron (68) (475x640)   Cake Mix Cookies   DIY Clark Griswold and Christmas Tree Costume by Lily and Frog (18)   DIY Apron 55   Halloween Costumes WEB 12Kid's Activities 3

Many More Projects to Come!

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