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Frozen Birthday Party Handmade Dress

Frozen Birthday Party (40)

Each Birthday I either design a Birthday Outfit for the kids, or I purchase one…

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I LOVE an entertaining party, great party theme, and matching attire!  For Lily’s Frozen Birthday Party, I opted to skip the tutu from previous parties.  This year I designed a light weight summer dress with ribbons tying the shoulders.

Frozen Birthday Party (42)  Frozen Birthday Party (47)  Frozen Birthday Party (45)

Beginning in Lily’s closet, I found a dress she LOVED for inspiration.  From this dress, I created a pattern, which I altered to be the dress you see.  The shoulders are tied together with wide white grosgrain ribbon.  The dress is an adorable Frozen Teal with white swirls scattered throughout.  The bottom hem is shades of purple with a white pattern which slightly resembles snow flakes.

Lily was adorable and loved wearing the Summer Dress…  Until she realized there was a kiddie pool for her to play in, then the dress was tossed to the side for her yellow polka dot bikini.

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