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Sassy Apron Tutorial


DIY Apron 55

I was searching for a Sassy Apron for steamin’  up some cookin’ in the kitchen (I may not be able to cook, but I can create the illusion that I can!)…  Then I stumbled upon The Dating Diva’s Flirty Apron Tutorial.

Super Flirty and Sassy, right?  I really like this apron and basically followed their design, except I made a few adjustments:

  1. Wider pocket for utensils, towels, etc. This is probably from my years waitressing and having the giant pockets from hip to hip.
  2. Ruffles – I changed her ruffle to be a gathered ruffle
  3. Flipped the pocket – I don’t want the ‘mini ruffle’ to get icky from using the pockets
  4. Few tweaks to measurements – basically I measured to fit ME
  5. Ribbon Ties – I’m not patient enough to create my own ties from fabric J

DIY Apron

Onto my creation and design from the Dating Diva’s Flirty Apron Tutorial:


  • 3 coordinating fabrics:
    • Apron fabric
    • Ruffle fabric
    • Pocket fabric
  • Ribbon to tie
  • Thread

DIY Apron 9   DIY Apron 10

Above are 2 sets of fabrics I have used to design Sassy Aprons.


1.  Create your pattern:  Using a newspaper create a pattern (LOVE this idea, why didn’t I think of this before?!?).  To create the curve for the underarm, I eyeballed a curve I liked but you can also use a T-Shirt arm as a guide.  To create the curve for the bottom hem, I suggest flattening the curve at the fold, to achieve a more pleasing looking curve.

DIY Apron 2

Measurements for apron fabric (created on a fold).  You will need 2 (for the front and back):

  • Height from Top to Bottom: 24in along the fold
  • Neckline: 5 ½in from fold
  • Width: 10in from fold
  • Height at hip: 9in from hip to top edge of bottom curve

DIY Apron 8

Measurements for Ruffle fabric (created a fold along the length):

  • Ruffle on bottom hem: 1 ½ times the length of the bottom curve x 8in width (fold will create a 3 ½ in wide ruffle)
  • Ruffle on bottom hem of pocket: 1 ½ times the length of the bottom curve x 5 in width (fold will create a 2 ½ in wide ruffle)DIY Apron 5

Measurements for Pocket fabric (created on a fold):

  • 11inx14in fold on 11in (fold will create a 11inx7in pocket)

DIY Apron 112.  Cut all your pieces of fabric (wait on the ribbon ties, no rush). Did you buy enough fabric?  For each apron I have sewn, I purchased (yes, there is extra fabric, I like extra fabric):

  • Apron Fabric: 1 yard
  • Pocket: ½ yard
  • Ruffle: ½ yard

My suggestion for cutting the ruffles, if your fabric isn’t long enough (½ yard is not going to be 1 ½ times the length of the bottom curve), cut several 8in strips and sew them together and repeat this with the 5in stripes as well.

3.  Sewing & creating the ruffles:

Sewing the Ruffle:  Lay the strips flat, folding the Nice Side of the fabric along the long center fold, sew along the short edge, creating a long pocket. Once sewn, snip the corner to create a flat seam, flip right side out, and iron flat.  Repeat this on all 4 ends of the 2 ruffles.

DIY Apron 14   DIY Apron 16   DIY Apron 17

DIY Apron 19

Creating the Ruffle: Beginning along the rough edge, sew a long straight stitch (on a loose stitch setting) alongside the rough edge.  DO NOT back stitch at beginning or end of stitching.  Repeat this on both strips of ruffles.

Once the long straight stitch is finished, tie off ONE end of the stitching.  At the other end, determine which the top thread and bottom thread (the top will have a little bump in the stitch vs. the bottom which will be a straight line).  Begin gathering the fabric (to create the ruffle) by pulling the BOTTOM thread, as you pull be sure to gather the fabric all the way to the other end of the strip of fabric.  Be sure to tie off the end when you have finished gathering and creating the correct length, or it could unravel.  The 8in wide ruffle will be the length of the bottom hem of the apron, the 5in wide ruffle will be the length of the widest part of the pocket (11in).

DIY Apron 27

Gathering the ruffle can take a little time, be patient and careful…  several times I got a little too confident with gathering, making it to the end, and with one pull and the thread SNAPPED!  I needed to start all over again!

I apologize for not having the correct sewing terms for this part, if you would like the correct terminology with a detailed description on gathering I would suggest using this link from Make It Love It.  This link gives amazing steps and tips for accomplishing what I’m doing…  She phrases everything more eloquently and clearly.

4.  Assembling & Sewing the Pocket:

DIY Apron 26Assembling the Pocket:  Fold your pocket in half, Nice Sides of fabric facing one another creating an 11inx7in rectangle, iron it flat. These steps are going to sound awkward – and the are.  It is the best way I could make it work –  With the Nice Sides of the pocket fabric facing one another, open the fold.  Place the ruffle into position; laying it along the 11in rough edge of the pocket with the ruffle’s rough side facing out and the nice edge of the ruffle facing the fold in the pocket.  Pin the ruffle into place along the rough of the pocket, making it look pretty  as you go.

  • TIP #1: The edge of the ruffle along the outside edge of the pocket; scoot it in the wide of your seam allowance, this will ensure you will not sew the ruffle to the outside of the pocket (I sewed the edge of the rubble to the edge of the pocket a few times without knowing it until I flipped it right-side out).
  • TIP #2:  The best way for me to accomplish an even ruffle was to pin each end down, then flatten the ruffle slightly, and move to the center pinning into place. Then flatten again pinning center of each opening created by pinning and so on.

DIY Apron 28   DIY Apron 29

Fold the pocket closed, beginning pinning the top fold down along the ruffle edge.

DIY Apron 31   DIY Apron 32   DIY Apron 33

  • TIP #3:  Do not pin along the sides of the pocket first.  Pin in between the pins currently in place with the ruffle, once finished, stick your hand inside the pocket, pulling the ruffle taught (preventing the ruffle from folding onto itself and looking goofy, lol).

Pin all three edges closed leaving a small opening to flip the pocket right side out.

DIY Apron 34

Sewing the Pocket:  Sew along 3 edges, leaving an opening to flip is right side out (an opening about the width of 3-4 fingers).  DO NOT sew along the folded edge of the pocket.

Flip the pocket right side out, pulling the ruffle taught and flat.  Iron the pocket flat, and making it look pretty.

DIY Apron 35   DIY Apron 37   DIY Apron 36

Grab your Apron fabric, already cut in the shape of the apron.  Place your pocket where you would like it, pin it, and sew it into place along the two outside edges and bottom edge of the pocket.  If you would like 2 openings for the pocket, stitch where you would like this pocket.

DIY Apron 38   DIY Apron 39

5.  Cutting the Ribbon Ties:  

Using wide ribbon, 1in to 1½in wide, cut 4 lengths of ribbon to fit you; 2 for behind the neck tie and 2 for behind the back tie.  My trick for finding the perfect length:

For the behind the neck tie: measure from where you would like the neck of your apron the land, behind your neck to the other side, then create 3 loops (1 for each loop in a bow and 1 for the tails of the bow), add about 3-4 inches.  Cut this length, then cut it in half; one will be each of the behind the neck ties

For the behind the back ties: measure hip to hip, then create 3 loops (1 for each loop in a bow and 1 for the tails of the bow), add about 3-4 inches.  Cut this length, then cut it in half; one will be each of the behind the back ties

DIY Apron 416.  Assembling & Sewing the Apron:

Assembling the Apron:  Grab your pieces: long ruffle, apron front (the one with the pocket sewn into place), apron back, 2 neck ties and 2 behind the back ties.

Pin the ties into place.

Using the instructions above for pinning the pocket ruffle; pin the long ruffle into place along the bottom curve of the apron with the pocket.

Using the instructions above for pinning the pocket sides together; pin the apron back to apron front along all edges (the ruffle and the ties as well).

DIY Apron 44   DIY Apron 45

Sewing the Apron:  Sew along all outside edges of the apron leaving an opening to flip is right side out (an opening about the width of 3-4 fingers).  Snip the corners to create flat corners when flipped right side out and snip along the bottom curve and arm curves creating slight darts when the apron is flipped right side out is will help flatten the apron properly.

DIY Apron 46   DIY Apron 47   DIY Apron 48

Flip the apron right side out, pulling the ruffle taught and flat.  Iron the apron flat and making it look pretty.

DIY Apron 49

You have a little opening in this apron (where you flipped right side out), to make it disappear once the apron is ironed flat, sew along the outside edge of the apron…  It also looks SUPER cute with this little detail.

Heat seal the ends of the neck and back ties.

DIY Holiday Apron (40)   DIY Apron 56   DIY Apron 55

How about a Mini Size one for your Baking Assistant?!? Just adjust the sizing and your all set!

Do you have any questions?  Did I miss a step?  Is a step confusing?  Did you design your own apron from my instructions?  Please leave me a comment below, I would LOVE to hear from you!


Author: Lily and Frog

Owner and creator of Lily and Frog, small business of handcrafted baby and toddler accessories.

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