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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Scrumptious Mac N’ Cheese

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Mac N' Cheese (2)I LOVE a warm and cozy bowl of Mac N’ Cheese…  Wait, LOVE is not a powerful enough word regarding my feelings for Mac N’ Cheese.  I find a bowl of Mac N’ Cheese completely irresistible and I will eat the whole bowl clean.  When I was pregnant with Zach I would inhale a a bowl (or 2) nearly 5-6 days a week!  Once I was craving a helping of Mac N’ Cheese so much what I nearly burnt a measuring cup…  Don’t ask, lol!

This is why I collected 5 (OK, 6…  a Mac N’ Cheese Grilled Cheese, OMG!) Mac N’ Cheese recipes I’m on pins and needles to try out this winter!

Mac N' Cheese (5) (267x400) Slow Cooker: Buffalo Mac and Cheese

Mac N' Cheese (261x400) Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich 

Mac N' Cheese (9) (267x400) Spinach Artichoke Mac and Cheese

Mac N' Cheese (8) (400x266)Stove Top Bacon Mac and Cheese

Mac N' Cheese (7) (266x400) Truffle Mac & Cheese

Mac N' Cheese (6) Lobster Mac and Cheese

Do you have a Go-To Mac N’ Cheese Recipe??  I would LOVE to try it out, post it below!

If you would like to sneak a peek at more of our Lily & Frog Friday Five, take a trip back to our main page, there is much more where this came from!

Please know…  I have not received any sort of compensation from any blog or business I’m writing about for this post. I am interested in sharing all the GREAT finds I have stumbled upon and business I have worked with…  Just because they are that great, interesting, wonderful people, or I enjoyed their post.


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