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Lily & Frog Friday 5: Andrew’s 5 Summer BBQ Meals

BBQ Meals 8This week I asked my husband, Andrew, to write the Friday 5: 5 Summer BBQ Meals, for 5 very important reasons…

  1. Boiling water takes WAY too long
  2. There are far too many bugs outside for me to grill
  3. If there was a PhD in Burning Toast, I would have a million Burnt Toast PhDs’
  4. Grilling is a foreign language
  5. Is there an On Switch on a grill?

And when I asked him to find 5 of his favorite Summer BBQ Meals, I swear I saw a little glitter in his eye and sparkle in his smile…

I was a little surprised when I read his list, because of all the dinners Andrew takes on, these are 5 (plus 1) of my favorite!  They are delicious and with time, he has altered and adjusted the ingredients to perfect them for my taste…  I’m a picky eater…  My favorite are the Baby Back Ribs & Steak…  Enjoy!

BBQ Meals (400x300) 

 Baby Back Ribs 

BBQ Meals 5 (250x250) 

Grilled Pizza

BBQ Meals 4 (400x300) 

Roasted Peaches with Goat Cheese 

BBQ Meals 3 (400x300) 

Perfectly Grilled Steak 

BBQ Meals 2 (210x210) 

 Grilled Australian Shrimp 

BBQ Meals 1 (250x250) 

Bacon, Onion & Cheese Stuffed Onions


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