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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Easy Father’s Day Toddler Arts N’s Crafts

Dad's crafts 7I LOVE getting crafty with gifts (Mother’s Day; here and here) and a Father’s Day crafts from my kids to their Dad is NO different…  But as they are getting older, there are only so many hand print crafts and paintings (where I have to write what it is) they can give their Father.

This is why I have 2 lists…  One for Gifts (the kids can create) from the kids for their father and a second for Crafts from the kids for their father…

Dad's crafts 2 (400x300)

Following in Dad’s Footprints – Super cute for the itty bitty peanuts who can’t color or paint yet.

Dad's crafts 4 (267x400)

I Love You THIS Much – I’ll admitt it, we have done this one.  We did this one when Lily was only one because, well, at one, how crafty can they be.  A hand print cut out of the best for BOTH Kids.

 Dad's crafts 3 (400x300)

Hands Down – Why didn’t I think of this one?!?

Dad's crafts 1 (321x268)

Dad Rocks – Do you know how many rocks are in our yard?!?  This is perfect to get the kids to clear the lawn for rocks, lol.

Dad's crafts (400x267)

Dad’s Back Rub Shirt – LOVE this idea, to make it a little more Kid Crafty; Mom creates the path for the road and the kids design the Town, buildings, signs, etc…  Joint effort 😉

What are your kids giving their Father this year?

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