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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Father’s Day Gifts from Toddlers

Dad gifts 7 I LOVE getting creative with gifts and a Father’s Day gift from my kids to their Dad is NO different…  But as they are getting older, there are only so many hand print crafts and paintings (where I have to write what it is) they can give their Father.

This is why I have 2 lists…  One for Gifts (the kids can create) from the kids for their father and a second for Crafts from the kids for their father…

Dad gifts 4 (400x400)

 Matching Mustache T-Shirts – OK, I know Zach & Lily can’t create this one, but who doesn’t love a cute mustache, right?!?

Dad gifts 1 (400x400)

Thumb Print Coffee Mug – Zach just started working on his penmanship, this would be great to show his talents

Dad gifts 2 (262x400)

DAD Picture – LOVE all these DAD pictures, I was getting stumped on how to do it w 2 kids…  but this is ideal for my hub and his dog

 Dad gifts 3 (310x400)

We Love you Because… – This is one of the first ideas I found on Pinterest, LOVE it!

 Dad gifts (303x400)

Golf Cover Buddies – OK, Andy doesn’t golf…  But this is uber cute, right?  How about sock puppets for Dad?

What are your Father’s Day Gift Ideas?

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