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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Father’s Day Gifts… Dad Approved

Dad Approved 8

Who better to ask for a list of 5 Father’s Day Gifts…  Then a Dad?!?  And I just happen to have one sitting in the other room…

This week I asked my husband, Andrew, to write the Friday 5: 5 Father’s Day Gifts, for 5 very important reasons…

  1. The kids can’t buy him a tie, he doesn’t wear a tie unless it is a wedding or a funeral…  He is a Police Officer
  2. There is only so many times the kids can paint him a picture
  3. It took me 3 years to master the hand print (Here and here)…  And the kids are over it!
  4. I’m quickly running low on Gift Creativity over here 😉
  5. If I get to create my own Mother’s Day Gift List, then it is only right for Andrew to get to write one as well

This is Andrew’s 5 (+1) Dad Approved Father’s Day Gift List

Dad approved 5 (400x223) 

 Redbreast Whisky

Dad approved 4 (300x300)   

Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion ULTIMATE Combo Kit (6-Tool)

Dad Approved 3 (400x400) 

Bradley Original Black Meat Smoker

Dad Approved 2 (400x400) 

Bullet Proof Coffee Kit

   Dad Approved 1 (400x400)

 Yankee Subway Sport Sign

 Dad Approved (226x226) 

Beer of the Month Club

Side Note:  Now that I have his List…  Why didn’t I think of all these??

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Please know…  I have not received any sort of compensation from any blog or business I’m writing about for this post. I am interested in sharing all the GREAT finds I have stumbled upon and business I have worked with…  Just because they are that great, interesting, wonderful people, or I enjoyed their post.


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