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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Easy Memorial Day Toddler Arts N’ Crafts

Memorial Day Arts N Crafts (7)Have you heard…  I’m a huge fan of arts n’ crafts for the kids (Remember ThanksgivingChristmasSt. Patrick’s Day, and Easter)…  But when I have to purchase a million and ONE different supplies for an arts n’ crafts session, I get a little flustered.

For this weeks Lily & Frog Friday 5, I’m feeling a little ambitious and adventurous.  I still have ALL the supplies for these crafts, but one includes spray paint, while others could be a little messy and require a little more elbow grease.  Heck-Now, I’m up for the challenge, lol…  Plus, I think the kids are going to LOVE the tin cans with streamers…

Mini Side Note:  I have discovered No Time for Flash Cards…  She has some amazing ideas, crafts, and activities for toddlers and kids.  You should stop in for a visit!

Memorial Day Arts N Crafts (5) Paper Lantern

Memorial Day Arts N Crafts (4) Letter of the Week F

Memorial Day Arts N Crafts Tin Can Wind Socks

Memorial Day Arts N Crafts (3) Puzzle Flag

Memorial Day Arts N Crafts (2) Sponge Flag


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