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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Easy Mother’s Day Toddler Arts N’ Crafts

Mothers Day Craft 9

I’m a huge fan of arts n’ crafts for the kids (Remember ThanksgivingChristmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter)…  But when I have to purchase a million and ONE different supplies for an arts n’ crafts session, I get a little flustered.  For this weeks Lily & Frog Friday 5, I collected 5 easy toddler Mother’s Day arts n’ crafts which appear to be uber EASY, wicked simple, re-using items which I would have thrown away, and supplies I already have in the house…  And, if Andy reads this…  I KNOW you can do it honey!

Mothers Day Craft (260x395) Mother’s Day Handprint Card

Mothers Day Craft 2 (337x400)What We Love about Mom

Mothers Day Craft 3 (400x300) Mother’s Day Salt Dough Hangings

Mothers Day Craft 4 (314x400)Mother’s Day Celery Flowers

Mothers Day Craft 5 (400x400)Mother’s Day Newspaper

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