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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts (8)

I L-O-V-E Toddler’s Arts N’ Craft (here, here, and here) as gifts from my babies just as much as the next Mama.  While searching for Mother’s Day Toddler Arts N’ Crafts Gifts and Toddler-Made Mother’s Day Flowers, I stumbled upon some other Mother’s Day gifts which I fell for…  This is when I will learn if Andrew actually reads all my posts, lol!

Each of these Mother’s Day gifts are ones which I have never seen before; using something from your child (a first handwriting or image, etc).  I truly LOVE a unique, customized, and personal gift…

Mother's Day Gifts (3)  Kid’s Signature Bracelet:  I L-O-V-E this; I would use the first time they wrote their name (Well when they wrote it legibly, lol)

Mother's Day Gifts (5) Birthstone Necklace:  I feel you can find a birthstone necklace anywhere, but I have never seen one like this, I am simply crazy about the baby footprints!  Andrew bought me this necklace for last Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Gifts (4)Mother’s Charm Bracelet:  I adore a locket with pictures of family, but I always forget to take it off before swimming or showering and then the picture is ruined.  This is the PERFECT solution for that and there are a ton of options available as well.

Mother's Day Gifts (6) Custom Silver Pendants:  I have never shopped from this store before, but I L-O-V-E everything in this Etsy Store!  I can’t get enough of the pendents with baby footprints and birth stones and the pendents with the notes from parents…

Mother's Day Gifts (2) Family Tree Pillow:  This hand sewn family tree on a pillow is beautiful…  LOVE it!

One more…  Just Because…

Infinity scarves 13

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Please know…  I have not received any sort of compensation from any blog or business I’m writing about for this post. I am interested in sharing all the GREAT finds I have stumbled upon and business I have worked with…  Just because they are that great, interesting, wonderful people, or I enjoyed their post.


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