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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

easter eggs 7We color Easter Eggs with water, vinegar, and food coloring…  Nothing too special.  OK, maybe I’ll grab a crayon to add the kid’s initials, but that is about as creative as you will see this Mama get.  While searching for Easter Crafts for the kids, I found these decorative eggs and though I can do this…  Then I though, nope, I’ll stick to water, vinegar, and food coloring and leave the stunningly creative Easter Eggs to the uber crafty people…

Easter EggsSilk Tie Dyed Eggs

easter eggs 1 Easter Egg Napkins

easter eggs 2 Naturally Colored Eggs

easter eggs 3 Denim Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs 4 Sprinkle Easter Eggs

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