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Leprechaun Rocks

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St Patty Rocks 26d805 12Have you heard of Magic Leprechaun Rocks?!?  They are fantastically easy to create…  And in this house they were a HUGE success.

Leprechaun Rocks (28) (400x263)

Lily & Frog Supplies:

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • ¼ cup water
  • Toy or plastic gold coins
  • Food coloringLeprechaun Rocks (39) (255x400)
  • Vinegar

Grab a mixing bowl…  DO NOT use a white plastic bowl, mine is now bright green from the food coloring!  Combine 1 cup baking soda and ¼ cup water, mixing until it is a little crumbling, adding green food coloring as you go to get the desired shade of green you would like.  If you read the link above, the author is correct in saying the mixture can be too wet.  When I created ours I added a extra baking soda until it was the consistency of a crumbling pie crust.

Create balls with the baking soda and water mixture, basically, roll them into balls just as you would when baking chocolate chip cookies.  Add the toy gold coins to the center of each ‘rock’.  Let the ‘rocks’ dry overnight.

Leprechaun Rocks (24) (299x396)   Leprechaun Rocks (25) (299x371)   Leprechaun Rocks (21) (299x334)

Hide the ‘rocks’ throughout your home for the kids to find…

When the kids woke on St. Patrick’s Day morning, I had green pancakes waiting for them with a giant pot of toys and treats under a rainbow (bunch of colorful balloons) all left for the kids from Lenny the Leprechaun…  YES, we have a Leprechaun, just like we have Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy; just go with it.  We told the kids Lenny left little green rocks all over the house and they should really clean up after him…

Leprechaun Rocks (14) (388x281)   Leprechaun Rocks (13) (389x377)

Now comes the fun part…  It was too cold outside, so in the kitchen I set up the bowl of vinegar on a hand towel (this can get a little messy).  After the kids collected all of Lenny’s ‘rocks’ I told them the rocks were sure to be Magical Leprechaun Rocks, but to be 100% sure, they need drop them into the water (bowl of vinegar), waiting to see what happens.

Leprechaun Rocks (15) (400x301)

In our house we were working on taking turns, one at a time the kids were ask to drop their ‘rocks’ into the vinegar…  They LOVE this part…  The ‘rock’ will fizz and bubble up, the kids will be in aw!

Leprechaun Rocks (5) (400x332)   Leprechaun Rocks (4) (400x338)   Leprechaun Rocks (3) (400x261)

Then, when they discover the gold coins…  The kids are astonished!

This is when the idea of ‘rewards’ hit Andrew and I…

We told the kids Lenny gave them these gold coins as a reward for all their good behavior and listening to grown-ups (we were sure to explain specific times; sharing a book, helping set the kitchen table, etc).  We added that Lenny left extra gold coins for Mom and Dad to give to them when they are on their best behavior and listening to grown-ups.  The gold coins can be traded in for treats and prizes.

After a year of using this Reward System for good behavior and listening to grown-ups, the kids LOVE receiving gold coins and trading them in for prizes, board games, coloring books and more!

Leprechaun Rocks (20) (400x225)


Author: Lily and Frog

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