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DIY Hair Clip Holder

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DIY Hair Clip Holder (18)

Hair Clips always need a special place to be stored away… Unfortunately, Andrew doesnt understand the J-O-Y of girlie, pink, polka dots, glittery, and frilly; shocker, I know!  It is his loss, lol!

After Lily’s collection of hair clips started overflowing the beautiful clip holder she got as a gift (Pretty, right?!?  Too bad I can’t take credit for it, this clip holder was hand designed as a gift), I swung into action, creating a clip holder from an old picture frame and ribbon…

Lily & Frog Supplies:

  • Picture Frame:  Any frame; old or new
  • Ribbon:  Your choice
  • Spray paint:  Any Color
  • Acrylic paint:  Any Color
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue

Lily & Frog Steps:

Beginning with a picture frame; I found this frame while on a walk with the kids and husband during a ‘bulk pick-up’ for our town.  Originally, this frame is dented, damaged, and U-G-L-Y.  If you opt for a new frame, there is no need for the glass and other parts… just the frame.

Color Choices:  Lily’s bedroom is a combination of hot pink and lime green furnishings and pale tan walls with one chocolate brown accent wall…  AND we just got a beautiful oversized arm chair in a pale pink and muted green plaid (I have not snapped a pic of it yet, sorry).  I chose a neutral base color; flat white spray paint, and hot pink and lime green acrylic paint for the dots.

2013-07-25 07.06.40 (684x1024)   2013-07-25 07.06.54 (684x1024)   DIY Hair Clip Holder (7)

Design Plan:  A combination of small and large dots using the hot pink and lime green acrylic paint on a white base, in a scattered and unplanned pattern.

DIY Hair Clip Holder (28)

Begin with removing the staples or tabs from the back of the frame.  Prepare a painting area to spray paint your frame; follow all instruction on your can of spray paint.  Spray paint the frame the base color of your choice.  In our case, I laid an old sheet on our driveway, placing the frame in the center.  This frame had multiple knicks, scrapes and scratches, and uneven colors; the white flat spray paint covered all the imperfections and created a clean finish.  Probably should have sanded the frame first, but I completely skipped that step 😉

DIY Hair Clip Holder (29)

Once the frame was dry, I snagged the acrylic paint and got to painting my polka dots in a scattered and unplanned pattern…  basically if I saw a place which looked like it ‘needed’ a polka dot, it got a polka dot.  To keep all the polka dots the same size, I used a pencil eraser…  It is just as easy as it sounds, use the eraser as a ‘stamp’ then use a thin paint brush to clean-up any dots which may not be perfect.

DIY Hair Clip Holder (28)   DIY Hair Clip Holder (25) DIY Hair Clip Holder (24)

Once the polka dots are dry, flip the whole frame over to the back.  Spacing evenly, hot glue your ribbon in a lattice pattern.  In this case, I had a rectangular frame; I measured in 1 ½ inches in from each corner and spaced 1 ½ inches all the way around.  Sometimes the spaces looked a little cookey, in those cases, I slightly adjusted the location.  The spacing is NOT perfect…  Although I certainly tried to make it perfect, but once I realized this was going to be hung in a toddler’s bedroom, I let it go, lol.

When hanging the hair clip holder, I also hung letters which spell out her nDIY Hair Clip Holder (16)ame (Tutorial coming soon, I swear, lol).  The clip holder is hanging lop-sided to add character (not everything needs to be perfect…  YES, I just said that, lol) along with the letters ‘floating’ on the wall.  The only measuring I did was centering the hair clip holder AND Lily’s name over her 2 dressers…

Please ignore the fact that the two dressers do not match in color OR design, one is from my childhood bedroom and the other from Andrew’s.  When we move (Did I mention we are moving in a year!  We are super excited, way more information on that as we get the wheels moving) I will be re-finishing them for the kid’s NEW rooms!

The hair clip holder is SUPER light-weight, because of this, it is hanging from the wall by Command Strips…

DIY Hair Clip Holder (3)


Since designing this Hair Clip Holder, I have designed several others and adjusted my design to include hooks along the bottom of the frame to accommodate hair wraps, and hair bands…

DIY Hair Clip Holder (11)   DIY Hair Clip Holder (14)


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