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I have a serious LOVE for throw pillows but understand that I cannot just keep a stock full of giant pillows, there is no room in our house for 4+ pillows per season and holiday!  Although, I can have a giant stock of pillow covers…  at a quarter of the space AND I can wash them more easily!

Envelope Pillow 053 (640x360) Envelope Pillow 045 (640x496)   Envelope Pillow 044 (640x480)

For this project I followed the instructions from Love Some’s tutorial Envelope Pillow Tutorial, I also used this tutorial when designing the throw pillows for Mrs. C’s Throw Pillows.  I did follow the instructions closely, but with only a few little adjustments to suit our pillows.

Pillow Cover Tutorial:Envelope Pillow 044 (640x480)

  1. Start with choosing your fabric…  I chose something out of my norm (who would choose orange?!?) which complimented the color and other designs in the room.  In this case the damask design is on several other locations in the room and the blue is perfect for complementing our Tiffany blue wall color.
  2. Determine your dimensions:  Using the information from Love Some (width of pillow + 1 inch and double the height of the pillow + 6 inches), and the number of pillows I would be covering; I determined how many yards I needed. In his case I was going to get 4 pillows from my fabric.
  3. Using the rough edge of the fabric and the design on the fabric as a ‘ruler’ for a straight line, I folded over the hem for the 2 short sides, ironing them into place (no pinning, lol).Envelope Pillow 001 (640x305)
  4. Sew this seam into place on both short endsEnvelope Pillow 002 (640x480)
  5. This fabric has giant designs, which I wanted to be centered on the pillow.  I laid the fabric out flat (pretty side up).  With the seams laying right to left, I fold the fabric in half, bring the seams together…Envelope Pillow 003 (640x511) Creating a perfectly straight line down the center; I ironed this crease into the fabric.Envelope Pillow 004 (640x301)
  6. From this ironed line, I measured out HALF the measurement for the height of the pillow toward the seams.  Then folded fabric onto itself from the seams, pretty sides together from the measurement I just took on BOTH sides, iron in a crease.
  7. In this case, my long rough edge was not perfectly cut… Envelope Pillow 029 (640x450)I grabbed my rotary cutter and quilter square, creating a perfectly straight and squared line.Envelope Pillow 032 (640x320)Envelope Pillow 035 (640x480)
  8. Once I had the shape desired for my pillow, move over to the sewing machine, sewing into place the long rough edges…  You should pin first, but I was lazy and skipped pinning.Envelope Pillow 037 (640x574)
  9. Turn the pillow inside out, iron out the creases from earlier and you are finished!

After completing my first pillow cover, I noticed the pillow cover fit a little snug…  Basically I was fearful it would pop seam.  As a result, when I was measuring from the center crease I created I added an additional ½ inch to adjust the fit.  It was a Perfect Fit after!

Envelope Pillow 053 (640x360) Envelope Pillow 046 (640x580)   Envelope Pillow 060 (640x481) Envelope Pillow 049 (640x316)


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