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5 Valentines for Your Toddler

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Oh My!  I want to be That Mom who creates these Valentines, they are Super Lovely, Adorable, and Creative…  But realistically, only a few days before Valentine’s Day, I’ll remember Zach will need Valentine’s for school and we will purchase the easy-peasy store bought ones which work just the same, lol…  So this is my list of 5 Valentines for My Toddler which I WISH We Made, lol

pencils-wm (400x320)Valentine Pencils

circus peanut elephant valentine diy free printable card (640x640)Nuts About You!

Bear (428x640)Beary Love Card

11788898673_2640cf993b_c (427x640)Homemade Valentine Play-Doh

7100693737_215dc2c865_c (427x640)Love Bugs

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