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5 Valentine’s Day Cocktails

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I’ll be honest…  When I’m choosing a cocktail, I normally scan the names and pictures; choosing the ones with the most out of the ordinary names and interesting pictures.  Which made collecting 5 cocktails inspired by the holiday of L-O-V-E that much easier… Personally, I can’t wait to try out the Red Velvet Martini for my Dinner for Two on Valentine’s Day…  Mmmm…

1bebea5cf415eaf0ec5d7a107c29cf1a (468x640)Valentine Cherry Fizz

5bcba50df2c01605e3743fad4f8bfb36 (400x523)Valentine Margarita

6a00e554f1ae9388330162fd015f62970d-800wi (640x426)Gin & Pomegranate Lobe Potion

d0ce01b6ecebd0e1d1a3ba4b69db6db3 (600x400)Valentine Red Velvet Martini

Raspberry-Tequila-Cocktail-Recipe (493x640)Raspberry Lime Tequila

What are your favorite holiday cocktails for Valentine’s Day?

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