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Super Hero Birthday Party Clothing

Super Hero Birthday Party (21)

Each of the kid’s Birthdays I either design a Birthday Outfit for the kids, or I purchase one…

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After the success of Lily’s T-shirt for her Mad Hatter Tea Party, I knew Susan fromSuper Hero Birthday Party (68) Little Hunny Pot Designs was going to be my Go-To Custom Design Shirt Person for Zach’s Super Hero Birthday Party!

After a little brain storming I requested 2 custom designed shirts of Susan:

  1. One shirt for Zach with the Superman shield on his chest in which the “S” is replaced by the number “4”…  He is turning 4 after all!
  2. One shirt for Andrew with the Superman Shield on his chest in which the “S” is replaced by the letter “D”…  He is Super Dad after all!

Again, Susan was a pleasure to work with (as always) and her shirts came out wonderfully!

Super Hero Birthday Party (78)   Super Hero Birthday Party (54)  Super Hero Birthday Party (47)


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