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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 EASY Elf on the Shelf Idea Pages

Elf on the Shelf 2I LOVE an original, imaginative, and playful Elf on the Shelf idea just as much as the next Parent…  But, when it comes to Elf on the Shelf, I have Z-E-R-O creativeness!Circue Berry 2 (640x316)

And I’ll admit I’m a little jealous of all the parents out there who get their creative juices flowing and produce some truly   imaginative Poofy Cheeks A (640x610)situations for their Elves, I wish I could pull that stuff off!  Now, I’ll confess there are a few things about this pesky little Elf which drive me BONKERS (OK, there are 5):

  1. They are messy little Elves…  All I want is a tidy little Elf, is that so much to ask for?!?  A pool of marshmallows, ripping apart a tissue box, a snow ball fight, snow angles in sugar…  I can not take the MESS.  Plus, if you follow the ‘Rules’ the kids can’t touch the Elf, so I can’t either, which means that MESS will be there ALL day long, staring at me ALL DAY long, driving me bonkers ALL DAY LONG!
  2. Our Elf doesn’t know our babies can’t read yet…  My babies can not read yet!  Need I say more?  Our Elf is banned from writing letters to Santa or leaving mysterious (sometimes creepy) messages for Zach and Lily on the bathroom mirror.
  3. Our Elf has mastered the fine art of camouflage…  Seriously! Our Elf can remain unseen (from ALL of us) for up to a Sweet CS Designs 1 (384x640)whole afternoon, and through no fault of the kids either…  It is because Mom & Dad were not paying attention when they helped the Elf find it’s new location and completely forgot!  Are there Elf on the Shelf Search Parties we can hire?!?
  4. Our Elf is sleepy…  Sometimes, our Elf falls a sleep early on the couch or reading a book and ‘forgets’ to move to a new location.  Which means Mom & Dad need to cover for him pronto (we are cool parents like that)!  We need to race down the stairs, dodging kids, dogs, blankets, and stuffed animals to hunt down the camouflaged Elf (see #3) before our 2 peanuts discover him in the SAME location as before.
  5. Our Elf enjoys looking down…  The number one rule of Elf on the Shelf is the kids can’t touch him, or else…  Blah, Blah, Blah…  Basically, you are lighting up arrows with bright Christmas lights alerting my kids to invite the Elf for a tea party.  This is why our Elf is ALWAYS off the floor, off the counters, or climbing the walls, hanging from the chandelier, or propped in the Christmas tree…  The kids can not kidnap him for a Monster Truck Rally!! SIDE NOTE: Now that I have the idea for Magic Elf Dust from Sweet CS Design, I’m all set.

Circue Berry ! (640x316)

Now that you know why our troublesome Elf drives me BONKERS and I have Z-E-R-O creativity when crafting the perfectly imaginative situation for our Elf…  I have collected 5 of my favorite Elf on the Shelf Idea pages.  They are my FAVORITE because they are easy, semi-mess free, semi-last minute, high flying, AND easy to find…  OK, there are some messy and high volume of work ideas, but who cares, the whole Elf on the Shelf idea is meant to be entertaining and enjoyable, plus, the pictures are fun to scan through and laugh at as well:

  1. Poofy Cheeks: 20 Elf on the Shelf IdeasPoofy Cheeks (640x426)
  2. Circus Berry: Elf on the Shelf Ideas {2012}Circue Berry (640x316)
  3. Poofy Cheeks: 15 More Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas (what can I say, I like her ideas, lol)Poofy cheeks 1 (640x457)
  4. Daily Leisure:  Elf on the Shelf IdeasDaily Leisure (480x640)
  5. Sweet CS Designs: Quick and Easy Elf on the Shelf Kitchen IdeasSweet CS Designs (426x640)

If you would like to sneak a peek at more of our Lily & Frog Friday Five, take a trip back to our main page, there is much more where this came from!

Please know…  I have not received any sort of compensation from any blog or business I’m writing about for this post. I am interested in sharing all the GREAT finds I have stumbled upon and business I have worked with…  Just because they are that great, interesting, wonderful people, or I enjoyed their post.


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