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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Moments from Christmas Vacation


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Many of you may know this, but just-in-case you are new to the L & F Family; my husband, Andrew, has a Clark Griswold-like obsession with lighting up our home with Christmas lights…  I kid you NOT!  A little secret, just the other day he told me while outside plugging in the lights, he felt a little ‘jolt’ I have half shocked and half knew it was waiting to happen!

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With that being said, currently, my husband is scaling the side of the house with his Christmas Light Blue Prints in hand…  And I’m staying home online shopping (avoiding Black Friday), keeping the kids from getting knots in the strands of lights, and waiting (and waiting, and waiting) just-in-case I need to call medical response when he falls off the roof…  I LOVE this MAN!

This weeks Lily & Frog Friday 5 is dedicated to my husband’s Love/Hate Relationship with Christmas light with 5 (ok I chose 6) of my favorite moments from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

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Do you have a favorite part of the holiday season?  Please share it with us in the comments…

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2 thoughts on “Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Moments from Christmas Vacation

  1. Such a great movie! I would LOVE to light up our house at Christmas! We don’t have any outside outlets and our house isn’t set up in a way that would be safe to run cords in and out of the house, so we remain dark and unfestive during the holidays 😦
    Hubby and I always say that we’d like to move somewhere where we can have a big chunk of land and put up a huge display for all the neighborhood to see and enjoy (?). Maybe some day!

  2. Truly, it only started because I would not let him use color lights when we moved into the house… And Andrew was not interested in doing as I told him, lol. Now, after 7 years, I have LOST all control… but I love it!