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Lily & Frog Friday 5: 5 Left Over Halloween Candy Recipes

Halloween Candy (4) 123

Are your kid’s Trick-or-Treating bags overflowing with Halloween Candy?!?  I’m going to convincing our two to help me bake some of these Yum-Tastic Left Over Halloween Candy Treats!

  1. Butterfinger Blonde BarsButter Finger (300x400)
  2. Kit KatKitKat (250x250)
  3. Reeses Pieces Puppy ChowReeses pieces (459x640)
  4. Almond Joy Peanut Butter Cookie BarsAlmond Joy (392x640)
  5. Reeses Cups CookiesGE DIGITAL CAMERA

Author: Lily and Frog

Owner and creator of Lily and Frog, small business of handcrafted baby and toddler accessories.

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