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Lily & Frog Friday Five: Sewing Projects


I LOVE sewing, crafting, designing, and creating…  and I try to learn something new with each project I take on, below are a few projects I’m interested in learning how to do!

  1.  A Tote…  From The Habby Goddess she shared a tutorial on how to create a boxed bottom. Too simple, right?!?  I can SOOO  do this when designing an oversized tote for myself.Haby Goddess Box Bottom (400x300)
  2. Toddler Dress…  From Amazing Mae I found her creation of a toddler dress from a men’s button down shirt.  Too cute, right!?!  Now there isn’t a tutorial (unless I missed it, which I very well could have), so I’m just going to Fake It, Until I Make It, lol!DSC_0006 (266x400)
  3. Mini Clutch…  I think my oversized tote could use a mini clutch from a tutorial provided by Our Busy Little Bunch.  I LOVE this one because I do not need to create a button hole…  I HATE sewing a button hole!IMG_4819 (480x640)
  4. Throw Pillows…  OK, I have used this tutorial before from Lovesome, but it is SO good I HAVE to share it again.  And I’m going to create pillow covers from this.IMG_9335 (427x640)
  5. Scarf…  Remember 2 weeks ago when I shared the list of 30 DIY scarves?  Well I happen to have a jersey knit just waiting to be turned into the Ruffle Flower Scarf from this list.  I hope I can create it!IMG_2489-1 (480x640)

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Please know…  I have not received any sort of compensation from any blog or business I’m writing about for this post. I am interested in sharing all the GREAT finds I have stumbled upon and business I have worked with…  Just because they are that great, interesting, wonderful people, or I enjoyed their post.


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2 thoughts on “Lily & Frog Friday Five: Sewing Projects

  1. I wish I could sew! I am sure you are going to do a great job!! I can’t wait to see how the clutch comes out!

  2. Thank you! I spent this afternoon digging through all my fabric for the projects… I”m keeping my fingers crossed that my fabric choice for the pillows will not look terrible, the colors are a bit of a stretch