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Race Car Growth Chart

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Race Cars 123 (1024x631)

June 013 (414x1024)

June 003 (403x1024)

Growth Charts are a wonderful way to create a tradition and show the growth of your child throughout their childhood.  Each time I envision a growth chart I think of pen markings stretching up and down a door frame for each of the children…

But what if we move? 

Someone moving into my house is not going to want their door frame all marked with my child’s growth progress and let’s be honest, I’ll probably going to find a way to cut the door frame from the wall and bring the whole darn thing with me…

This is why I’m a slacker and have been putting off starting a Growth Chart for BOTH kids.

Then, I saw Pottery Barn Knock OffRuler Growth Chart from DIY Home Crafts…  I love it!  But I don’t have the knowledge or ability to create this.  I placed creating a growth chart on the back burner…  I was collecting all the measurements anyway.  No worries.

And then, for Lily’s first birthday, her A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Godmother asked if I needed a growth chart for Lily, if I did, she was interested in designing one for Lily!!  Such a thoughtful gift, right!

SIDE NOTE:  Look at that face at ONE…  She is precious!!

Lily’s Godmother and I discussed my vision from a few pictures  found on pinterest.  This is what she created…  We LOVE it!

Flowers 123 (1024x631)

Then she walked into the house with a second wood board already stained, ready for yours’ truly to design a growth chart for my first born!  Now that is thoughtful x2!  After a few easy instructions from Lily’s Godmother, design planning, and mapping everything out, I got to work.

June 008 (882x1024)   June 009 (549x1024)    June 010 (438x1024)    June 011 (460x1024)    June 012 (260x1024)

My little additions to the Growth Charts were screwing eye hooks into the tops to hang the growth charts from one nail (they are secured a second way with Command strips on the back), and tying a white paint pen to the growth chart to use each time we measure a child’s height.

I love hearing new ways to monitor my kids’ growth and development…  How do you keep track of your baby’s growth and development?

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