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Ms. B’s Sun Room


Ms. B (95Ms. B’s Sun Room granted a blank canvas for a Footprint in the Sand inspired room with a welcoming beach mood.  Plainly stated, Ms. B is looking for a room she could spend the whole afternoon in…  Whether is be wrapped in a cozy blanket with a novel in her hands or catching up with her girlfriends holding a glass of Moscato in her hand…

Ms. B (9) (2000x1089)And I can tell you from firsthand experience, this was accomplished!

After meeting with Ms. B I began a pinterest board which she had access and the ability to add ideas.  This is an exceptionally helpful resource because I am able to get her input on my vision from the board right away.

Requirements for Ms. B’s Sun Room…Ms. B (81) (2000x1125)

  • Medium traffic entry room
  • “I can see myself in that room all day long and want it to be cozy but beachy. Not like a overpowering beachy with bold bold colors.”
  • “To be honest… I am a very simple girl…”
  • Footprints in the Sand is what centers her
  • Zebra chair MUST STAY! (well, it was my requirment, lol)
  • The mounted fish MUST GO!  (Do you see it…  in the FAR right side of the room?!?)

Ms. B (83) (1490x445)


Chair & Loveseat:  Ms. B purchased Martha Stewart Living Charlottetown White Wicker Loveseat with Washed Blue Cushions along with the coordinating lounge chair and ottoman.

The vibrant colors and patterns in the pieces of furniture resulted in a numerous options for curtain panels, rugs, and wall décor…  The narrowing it down was the tricky part.

Ms. BMs. B (2)_1 (2000x778)

Arm Chair:  While exploring Ms. B’s room, I noticed a Zebra print with hot pink trim chair tucked away in the corner.  Do I even mention the chair…  Would it have to stay in the room??  Would I have to be the bearer of bad news because I could be unable to work it into the room??  After learning this is a chair which Ms. B has had for years, it is her favorite chair but knew it would not go with her ‘theme,’ I knew what needed to be done…  The Zebra Chair will stay, no questions asked!  And I did!!

Ms. B (93)Coffee Table, End Table, & TV Stand:  My original recommendation was to spray paint all the current black coffee table, end tables, and TV stand white, this would save Ms. B a TON on money, why purchase something at full price (or even a discount) if you already have the supplies on hand.

After sometime, Ms. B’s boyfriend said he would like the coffee table for his Man Room…  After a quick stop to Christmas Tree Shop, I purchased a pure white Nantucket coffee table.

This coffee table fell picture perfectly in line with the Martha Stewart Living Charlottetown White Wicker loveseat, arm chair, and ottoman.  And if you look closely, just under the top of the coffee table, I added a hint of pink, bringing the zebra print with pink trim chair to life in the room… Instead of sticking it into the corner and pretending it doesn’t exist.

Ms. B (92)

Ms. B (58) (2000x1299)And I have to admit, since Ms. B offered to help put together her design, I happily put her to work with the painting, and the stripes she painted look darling!

I also recommended the future purchase of the coordinating TV stand and end table from Christmas Tree Shop.

Window Treatments:

Curtain Hardware:  Ms. B purchased Home Decorator’s Collection curtain rods with a nickel finish and a ball finial, at 48”-84”  Normally I follow my personal rule of thumb 5 Up & 5 Out when hanging curtain hardware. In this case I made minor adjustments due to the window size and the length of the curtain rods.

  • Just as in Mrs. C’s room, there is heating units along the floor boards, and I chose to make accommodations for the height the curtain hardware is hung to allow for the heat.
  • Slight adjustment for the width:  The windows were about 78” wide, I measured out 2.5” from each window frame for the “out” measurement.

Ms. B (90)

Due to the beams along the ceiling, I adjusted my 5 Up & 5 Out rule and it worked perfectly!

Curtains  - Ms. B (250x250)Curtain Panels:  After searching the internet and in store, I stumbled upon Marco Polo Stripe Blackout Back-tab Pole Pocket Curtain Panel from at 84” in length AND at the time of purchase they were 10% off…  JACKPOT!

One of the reasons I am truly fond of these curtains is there are 2 options for hanging them;

  • Back-Tab
  • Pole Opening

It gives two completely different options for hanging the curtains depending on what you like.  In this case I recommended the Back-Tab hanging option.  By hanging the curtains in this manner, the room is lengthened and pulled to as tall as it can reach.

Ms. B (9) (2000x1089)The 2 shades of blue in the curtains coordinate strikingly well with the blues in the Martha Stewart wicker couch and throw pillows, specifically the pale blue.

Area Rugs:  For this space, my first recommendation is an outdoor rug using a sisal weave, an outdoor rug would suit Ms. B’s needs in multiple manners; semi-high traffic, dog room with the crate, and maintaining a modern design, color and feeling.

MsI stumbled upon a charming find from, called Safavieh Courtyard Trellis CY6918 Antracite Rug, size 6’7”x 9’6” for 10% off.  This simple Moroccan design suites the room in a very modest manner.  The grey is what I particularly enjoy, it is a significantly darker grey than he extra light shade of grey on the walls.  This is just the shade of grey and tan needed to bring the grey off the wall and into other parts of the room.  The tan from the Moroccan design is seen in the curtains as well, bringing the walls and floor together.

Ms. B (2000x892) Ms. B (17) (2000x1096) Ms. B (26) (2000x915)Accessories:

Mirror using Sea Glass:  Since the sun room is on the tiny size, a mirror is a great addition to enhance the size of the room, even tiny mirrors designed as a photo wall would boost the size.  In this case, I offered to design a mirror framed in sea glass Ms. B already had in her home, as well as purchased.

Ms. B (89)I came across sea glass which the shades of blue, green, and white blended flawlessly with the color combinations in the curtain panels and furniture.  I added a little extra to the sea glass with the starfish and sea dollar, any extra sea glass, star fish, and sea dollars we used in other areas of the room.

Ms. B (38) (1606x2000)    Ms. B (3)_1 (1003x2000)

Wall accents:  Being a girl from Martha’s Vinyard, Ms. B had on hand plenty of beach and nautical inspired wall décor.  After a little layout planning I left her with instructions and Command Strips to hang her accessories.

Storage:  I love a beautiful basket or unique bucket used for storage.

Ms. B (91)A basket is the little added warmth and cozy in a room, which you can’t get from a storage box or storage unit.  One of the reasons I chose this coffee table is for the lower level tier for storage, I purchased 3 baskets of differing square sizes in a dark grey from Marshalls Store, I love them!

Additionally I snagged several baskets from Joann’s Fabric, ranging in size and shape in a light brown wicker with pops of blue or green…  Then Ms. B chose the baskets she liked.

Ms. B (20) (2000x1125)

Ms. B (3)_1 (1003x2000)

Lighting:   I offered Ms. B 2 options for the current lighting she already had in the room to help in the camouflaging of the ugly lamps she already had:

  • Spray paint the lamps white because of the white wicker furniture and white coffee table.  For a little kick, paint a strip of pale hot pink within the post of the lamp to bring the Zebra chair to life in the room.
  • Wrap the lamps in twine.  This is going to add a texture to the room which will tie in the wicker of the furniture and the beach and nautical theme.  For a little kick, using grosgrain hot pink ribbon, tie a simple knot or bow around the lamp to bring the Zebra chair into the room

Once Ms. B saw the glass lantern I purchased, we completely forgot about those ugly lamps…

Designing lighting from lanterns: I came across some beautiful fabric lanterns at Christmas Tree Shop ranging in size and price from $3.99-5.99.  They are designed for the use of tea lights, I turn them into a lighting unit for M. B’s room which gives more than a glimmer of light, it actually lights up the room.  After I bought out the store (Literally, I bought out ALL the large and small lanterns, I knew I needed them, just not how many).  I started planning, designing, and practicing how I would like the design to look.

Ms. B (88)To add light to the lanterns is a little tricky, but after my many practice attempts and trips to the hardware store, I went with the simplest solution…  I sliced a tiny hole in the bottom of each lantern and fished clear LED Christmas lights on a white wire through the hole.  I did this for 3 lanterns, arranging them into a triangle hiding the excess wire within the center of the triangle.

Ms. B (2) (2000x1188)

Then there is my impulse glass lantern purchase from Home Goods.

Ms. B (31) (2000x1656)

As soon as I saw this glass lantern it had to be in the room, and I needed cross my fingers Ms. B loved it lantern as much as I did…  And she DID!!  My vision was to create a reading nook in the corner light-up by the glass lantern hung by a chandelier chain.

Ms. B (7)

The glass lantern posed a few issues when it came to bring it to ‘light’ and after a few gracious employees at the hardware store helped me out, we ended up deciding to again use clear LED Christmas lights threaded through the top of the lantern, leaving the outlet on top, but unseen.

Ms. B (9) (2000x1089)

By leaving the outlet ontop of the lantern, one is able to plug it into a white electrical cord, thread the cord through the chandelier chain.  Into the ceiling I screwed 1 medium sized hook & eye directly over where I needed the light to hang from and a second in the corner, to which I attached 2 “S” hooks.  I connected the 2 “S” hooks with a chandelier chains in a brushed nickel finish.

Ms. B (34) (2000x1124)    Ms. B (57) (1304x2000)

Now, I will admit, I’m not an electrically savvy kinda chick…  but Ms. B is and after I butchered adding an on/off switch to the electrical cord, she took over and was able to add the switch herself…  And now I have an electrician on my staff 😉

Paint Color:                                                                                                  

The bright and vibrant colors and patterns within the pillows of the Martha Stewart Living Charlottetown wicker loveseat encouraged me to recommend a faint shade of gray for this room.  The busy patterns within the pillows and the Moroccan pattern in the rug (listed below), as well as the fact that this is a room inspired by the poem Footprints in the Sand lent itself to a fresh, light, and airy room color…

Ms. B (9) (2000x1089)

Alaskan Husky (1479) from Benjamin Moore is ideal for bringing all the pieces of the room together as one.

As I was walking out the door I felt a as though I was leaving behind a part of myself, which is guess is exactly what I hope I’m able to do in every room I design…

Ms. B (94)

The glass lantern was HUGE leap of faith for me…  I had no clue if Ms. B was going to LOVE it or HATE it.  Have you ever taken a leap of faith while designing or creating?  What happened?


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  1. Love this room! Definitely using this as inspiration when it comes time to redecorate our place at the Cape – especially the lantern lighting & sea glass mirrors!

  2. Thank you! This was such a fun room to decorate!!