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Mixed-up Mounting Hardware

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Seriously…  Did I really just do that?!?  After measuring, marking, pre-drilling holes, and screwing in the mounting hardware, I stepped back and realized…

I hung the hardware for the curtain rod, upside down in Mrs. Z’s New Home!!

Mrs. Z Living Room

In Mrs. Z’s Living Room, I hung the mounting hardware upside down.  But truly, you would never know I hung it upside down unless I told you, right? I mean, unless you had the picture from the store sitting right next to you.

It looks pretty, with the mounting hardware, it adds a little more ‘drama’ to the curtain (yes, in my world, curtains are dramatic); the hardware is reaching out from the wall and up in this room, elongating and lifting the room up.  As opposed to the ‘correct’ way to hang the hardware, which is reaching out from the wall and down to the floor.

Lily & Frog 056 (2000x1273)

Once all the mounting hardware was hung, the panels were spaced perfectly; I added the 4 sheer curtain panels to add a little privacy to the living room.

Unless I told you…  Which I just did, you would probably never even notice I mounted the hardware upside down.

Have you ever made a mistake which decorating which at first you though was a disaster, but turned out to work perfectly with the room?


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