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OK, maybe calling the windows in Mrs. Z’s home uneven is a little harsh, but they were exceptionally difficult to work with…  My trouble was with the end mounting hardware.

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When you are hanging an extra-long curtain rod, there is a 3rd mounting hardware for added support in the center.  In this instance the center mounting hardware was a synch, until I moved to the two end mounting hardware.

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You may notice there is a beam located just above the top window molding (personally, I’m not too sure why this beam is there, but the previous home owners had it there, we will make it work).  Well, I didn’t notice the beam until AFTER I marked the wall in the center and on the ends, and then began pre-drilling the holes in the center.  As I made my way to the location of the end mounting hardware and prepared to drill my holes I saw exactly what I had missed and froze…

Due to the beam located above the window frame and running the length of the whole window; the center mounting hardware was now screwed into the beam and ended up being raised ½” out from the wall, while the end mounting hardware was going to be mounted ON the wall.

This is the little snaff-oo for the perfectionist in me, basically, there was ½” gap between the wall and the end mounting hardware.  After brainstorming my adjustment was obvious and easy.  I screwed the end mounting hardware into the beam as well, creating the perfect line we were looking for.

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The only down side was, the curtain rod no longer extended out 5” to create the illusion of a larger window and spacious wall.  A little more brainstorming and we realized…  When was the last time you stood behind a curtain rod and looked at the mounting hardware?  When we realized it was NEVER (ok, I always notice them, but a normal person never would).   I extended the front rod 6” PAST the end mounting hardware on both ends.  Hung one panel from each of the 6” which were extended and added 2 more panels spacing them to cut the window into thirds.

Now my second dirty little secret with this project…  If only I had pale peach paint, I would be able to cover up the markings I left behind on the walls.  Well Mrs. Z will have a lasting memory of me and the misstep I had while hanging curtains in her home…

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