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Creating Three Windows From One

3 window from 1 Web

A little extra fabric can go a L-O-N-G W-A-Y…  

In this case, purchasing two extra curtain panels for a large window can create the illusion of a spacious and wide room without all the demo and mess of knocking down a wall 🙂

Mrs. Z Dining Room (7) (2000x1153)

I used this design trick while decorating Mrs. Z’s Home, specifically in her Living Room and Dining Room.  For her rooms, I purchased a total of  ten panels and ten sheers for only three windows between the Living Room and Dining Room combine.

Lily & Frog 041 (2000x1125)

The main windows in Mrs. Z’s living room and dining room are HUGE, just like Mrs. C’s living room window).  Since the windows are a huge size, by using 4 panels on one window, I am breaking the one huge window into one large window and two medium size windows.

Lily & Frog 059 (2000x1356) Lily & Frog 056 (2000x1273)

If only I had windows such as this in my home, I could do this in our home…  I’m going to have to add the instillation of bigger windows to my to-do list…  I’m completely joking, my husband would be a little PO’ed with that project, hehe!

Do you have a trick for creating illusions using draperies?  Share the with me and I’ll try it out…  I still have a family room to get decorating 😉

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