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Mrs. Z’s Dining Room

Mrs. Z Dinning room  123

If you fall in L-O-V-E with Mrs. Z’s living room…  you are going to fall head over heels in L-O-V-E with Mrs. Z’s Dining Room…

Mrs. Z Dining Room (2) (2000x1163)

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Curtains: Mrs. Z’s Dining Room and Living Room are connected into one big room, the main divider of the two rooms is her subdued shade of gray cozy couches…

Mrs. Z Dining Room (8) (2000x984)

This mades it easy to say the same curtains from the Living Room would continue into the Dining Room; Kas Leura Window Curtain Panels from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Mrs Z Living Room (1)

The colors within the curtain panels, not only coordinated with the wall color, a muted shade of pale peach, but the shades in the of gray/brown in the floral design and calming lime green do a fantastic job of grabbing the colors in the china decorating the walls and within the curio cabinet.

Mrs. Z Dining Room (9) (2000x1218)

Mrs. Z Dining Room (12) (2000x1702)

By choosing the same curtain panels, we are taking the two rooms and merging them into one grand room, all while using a clear and concise divide between the two rooms with the use of her gray cozy couch and an exquisite china cabinet full of her family’s china.

Sheers:  Since we are creating a cohesive unit between the Living Room and Dining Room, I chose the same pure white sheers for this room as well.

Lily & Frog 050 (2000x1317)

Curtain Hardware:  Umbra Val Darjeeling Decorative Window Hardware…  I chose the same brand of curtain hardware, the only difference is a slightly darker mounting hardware than the hardware used in the Living Room.  The change in hardware brings together the chandelier hanging over the dining table while creating a slight separation between the two rooms.

Mrs. Z Dining Room (7) (2000x1153)

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again…  I L-O-V-E this curtain hardware!  These are a double curtain rode allowing for the use of a sheer panel and standard panel all upon the same curtain rode hardware.   By using a double curtain rode, there is half the amount of measuring, drilling, and climbing up and down ladders.

Mrs. Z Living Room

Hanging Curtain Hardware:  The same rule will hold true in the Dining Room, as it did in the Living Room…  5 Up & 5 Out.  Until I was quickly reminded of the snaff-oo from one room over.  Using the exact same adjustments from the Living Room windows on the Dining Room windows, I got to work hanging the hardware, raising the curtains and bringing life to this Dining Room

Lily & Frog 051 (2000x1124) Lily & Frog 060 (2000x1124)

Mrs. Z Dining Room (6) (1124x2000)   Mrs. Z Dining Room (5) (1191x2000) Mrs. Z Dining Room (13) (2000x1507) Mrs. Z Dining Room (2000x1125)

We made a very little change to Mrs. Z’s Dining Room, which created a huge impact.  Is there something special or unique you did in your dining room to bring it to life?

If you are falling in L-O-V-E with Mrs. Z’s Dining Room…  You are going to fall head over heels with Mrs. Z’s Living Room…  Oh, and while you are exploring, stop into Jason’s Nautical Bedroom as well!


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