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Jason’s Nautical Bedroom

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Jason 123

Mrs. Z informed me her vision for Jason’s room is Nautical, but without vomiting boats and sailing.  I can work with that description; I would not want to vomit boats and sailing either 😉

BeforeAfter  12

Curtains:  With the existing pale blue walls, I instantly knew the curtains which should be in Jason’s bedroom…  Unfortunately I don’t have the original link, but this one is pretty close.  The shades of blue and khaki with a hint of brown in the stripes are flawless for the pale blue color choice on the walls.


These curtains are light blocking, I swear by light blocking or energy saving curtains.  Especially if someone in your home is working midnight and sleeping during the day (we have napping babies and midnight workers)!  They are also a wonderful curtain decision for a room in which there is a napping child.  And just our luck, the curtains are on clearance for 50% off…  Jackpot!!

Jason (4) (2000x1125)

But they are only available in 120” length…  Bummer!  These curtains are going into a child’s room, we decided curtains hanging from floor to ceiling is unnecessary, we are only interested in 64” length curtains.  Wait, I know how to sew and hem!  And hem the curtains I did, converting the 120” length curtains to a simple, child friendly length of 64” (Don’t worry, nothing goes to waste, the left over fabric is used in another part of the room).

Jason (5) (2000x1125) Jason (18) (2000x1203)

Curtain Hardware:  The curtain rod is an off white which blends rather well with the shades of khaki within the curtains.  By using an off white curtain rod, this also allows Mrs. Z the ability to change out the curtains as she sees fit because the off white color will blend well with most of the curtain choices.

Jason (21) (2000x1124)Jason (8) (1170x2000)


Photography:  Mrs. Z informed me several months back of her love for black and white photography…  with this love in mind I decided to do a little picture frame project.  I snagged 4 clearance frames from our local Christmas Tree Shop which are almost P-E-R-F-E-C-T for Jason’s Nautical Bedroom.

With sand paper and a hammer, I started hammering and sanding the frames, creating a weathered and aged look…  Now the frames are P-E-R-F-E-C-T.  After I ‘borrowed” Mrs. Z‘s photo album, I converted pictures of Jason at the beach into black and white, placed them in the frames and positioned the frames over Jason’s bed.

The project was really quite easy…  I was a little surprised how easy it was.


Custom Designed Ore with Name: Jason’s name attached to the rowing ore is designed with items Mrs. Z already had, items I had on hand and items from our local Christmas Tree Shop.  While cleaning out Mrs. Z’s home, I noticed the letters for Jason’s name and knew I could use them in my design.

Jason (9) (2000x1118)

I scoured stores and tag sales for the right item to incorporate Jason’s letters into the room, when I ran across this wooden ore from Christmas Tree Shop.

Jason (7) (2000x1226)

The letters are attached to the ore via eye hooks which I drilled into the ore.  The letters for Jason’s name are then tied to the eye hooks with coordinating fern color grosgrain ribbon.

Jason (10) (2000x965)

By tying the letters to the ore with a simple grosgrain ribbon it blends well with the Nautical theme for the room.

Jason's Name

Lighting:  Directly below Jason’s name on the wall… Do you recognize the lamp shade?  Yep, the lamp shade is constructed using the fabric removed from the bottom of the 120” curtains!

Jason (8) (1170x2000)

This lamp and shade are from our local Christmas Tree Shop as well.  The design from the lamp itself fell directly in line with my design plan, it is perfect.

Jason (11) (1351x2000)

The only down side is the ugly shade which came along with it.  Using the remaining fabric from the curtains, I designed a ‘slip cover’ of sorts for the original shade.


My favorite part of this room…  The personalization of Jason’s name on the wall, using the ore.  Do you have unique ways to display a child’s name in their bedroom?

If you are falling in L-O-V-E with Jason’s Nautical Bedroom…  You are going to fall head over heels with Mrs. Z’s Living Room…  Oh, and while you are exploring, stop into Mrs. Z’s Dining Room as well!


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