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Mrs. Z’s Living Room

Mrs Z Living Room (3)

If you were falling in L-O-V-E with Mrs. Z’s Dining Room…  you are going to fall head over heels in L-O-V-E with Mrs. Z’s Living Room…

Mrs. Z’s request for her living room was “I can finally have a girlie room, I want girlie, but not too girlie.”  And with that, I went to work.

BeforeAfter  12

Mrs. Z painted her living room in a muted shade of pale peach and her current furnishings are a subdued shade of gray for her cozy couches, glass top end tables with a brushed chrome finish and chrome lamps.  My Design Plan for this high traffic and heavily used room was quite simple:  the addition of curtains for extra wide windows and custom designed pillows inspired by ones we spotted at Target.

Linds (597x800)   Linds (4) (583x800)   Linds (11) (583x800)

Curtains:  After some quality time together I was able to get insight into her vision for the room, how minimal she would like the room to be, or how daring she was willing to go.

Following a shopping trip with Lily to Bed Bath and Beyond, I was lugging out of the store 10 gray/brown floral design panels with a calming lime green flower silhouette and 10 pure white sheers.  I took a leap of faith, snagging these curtains, knewing they would be a perfect fit for Mrs. Z’s living room, but I needed to convince Mrs. Z the same thing…

Lily & Frog 059 (2000x1356)

My heart froze for a second as she fell in love with…  Kas Leura Window Curtain Panels from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Mrs Z Living Room (1)

To create the illusion of a spacious and wide room without all the demo and mess of knocking down a wall…  I turned Mrs. Z’s one enormous window into one large window and 2 medium windows by using 4 curtain panels.

Linds (4) (583x800)   Lily & Frog 059 (2000x1356)

Sheers: Mrs. Z’s existing windows have roller shades from the previous owner of the home…  BOTH she and I have a strong dislike for the roller shades, not only are they an eye sore for the design of the room, but they are a pain in the butt to open and close!  Mrs. Z needed privacy for her home, sheer curtains are the picture perfect addition.  I chose a pure white sheer…

Lily & Frog 050 (2000x1317)

Curtain Hardware: My NEW favorite curtain hardware…  Umbra Val Darjeeling Decorative Window Hardware…  This is a double curtain rod allowing for the use of a sheer panel and standard panel all on the same mounting hardware.   By using a double curtain rod you will have half the amount of measuring, drilling, and climbing up and down ladders.

Lily & Frog 052 (2000x1124)

Lily & Frog 058 (2000x1124)

Hanging Curtain Hardware: We made a little adjustment to the 5 Up & 5 Out Rule in Mrs. Z’s living room.  These curtain panels are 84” long.  I measured up from the floor 84” for the curtain panel + 2” more for the heating units.  By doing so, the curtain panels will hang just above the heating units, I proceeded to measure out from the window frame 5” and then I hit a snaff-oo in my planning…

Mrs. Z Living Room

There was only one snaff-oo while hanging this curtain rode…  OK, there were two:

  1. Mixed-Up Mounting Hardware
  2. Pesky Uneven Window

In the end, hanging the mount hardware was a learning experience…  But you would never know I had this trouble, right?

Lily & Frog 037 (2000x981)

November - Phone 344 (2000x1196)

Custom Designed Throw Pillows:  Mrs. Z and I discovered these pillows at Target, unfortunately, I don’t have the name or original link, but at least I have a picture.  As soon as I saw them, I told her to put the pillows back on the shelf, I would design and create a set of 4 myself for the room.  I chose a two shades solid plum fabric and one solid khaki fabric, created a zig-zag with 2″ strips of the fabric and straight stitched it onto the pillow.

Lily & Frog 089 (2000x1181)

If this is a pillow you would like to learn how I made, please comment below…  I’ll be more than happy to share a tutorial for you 😉Lily & Frog 056 (2000x1273) Lily & Frog 041 (2000x1125) Lily & Frog 059 (2000x1356)

These curtains are some of my favorite panels…  but they were a leap of faith.  Have you even taken a leap of faith while decorating and it worked out in your favor (or not in your favor)?

If you are falling in L-O-V-E with Mrs. Z’s living room…  You are going to fall head over heels with Mrs. Z’s Dining Room…  Oh, and whole you are exploring, stop into Jason’s Nautical Bedroom as well!


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