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Drapery Rule of Thumb

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5 Up 5 Out  123

Mrs. Z Dining Room (5) (1191x2000)I’m a firm believer in enhancing a room by aiding it in appearing to be taller and wider.  Everyone wants an impressively larger room, why not create your own without moving a wall!  Curtains are a splendid way to accomplish a taller and wider room.

This is achieved in 2 ways:

  • Whenever you have the ability to lift and extent the curtain rod hardware in your home…  DO IT!  The difference in the feel and look of the room will astound you.
  • Curtains should be a long length, 84” or longer, these should hit the floor when they are hanging.  This creates a long, unbroken line from the floor to the ceiling (or top of the window), lengthening your room

My personal Rule of Thumb:  5 Up & 5 Out…  Hanging curtain rod hardware 5” above the window frame and 5” out from the window frame.

5 Up 5 Out 34

Pictured is a dining room, the first picture is 84″ curtain panels hung from the top of the window frame.  I extended the length of the curtain panel to 95″ (second picture) and hung 5″ above the window frame (I’ll have a tutorial on how I lengthened the curtains in a few weeks).  In the final picture I took the SAME curtain rode extended it (tutorial coming soon) 5″ out from each side of the window frame.

Lily & Frog 037 (2000x981)

One of the nifty-est tricks I have found for aiding in hanging curtain hardware and accomplishing my Rule of Thumb is from Miss Mustard Seed called Hanging a Curtain Rod Made Simple.  Basically you create a template measuring square which cuts all your measuring in half, no, let me restate that…  The template will cute your measuring out completely because with ONE template you are able to hang all the curtain rod hardware in your whole home the exact same way!

Do you have a trick for hanging draperies to create the illusion of a taller and wider room?  Share it with me and I’ll try it out…  I still have to hang NEW draperies in our family room, I just have not stumbled upon the right fabric yet.  I could be trying your idea!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing how I used the process Miss Mustard Seed demonstrated… Because I’m going to updating our Family Room!


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