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Painting Stripes

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Painting Stripes  123

After my first attempt at painting stripes in our Bathroom Revamp, I was bound and determined to get more stripes up on the walls in our Master Bedroom.

Master Bedroom 005 (2000x1743)

With that being said, this is how I did it…

Lily & Frog Supplies

  • 2 paint colors; one stripe color, one wall color
  • Brushed
  • RollersJune 114 (1024x768)
  • Painter’s tape

How I did it…

Beginning the night before, I put all my supplies in place. By the next morning I had the kids fed, turning to Andy at 8:30am and said “I’m going to be painting all day, you are in charge.  Unless I hear you screaming my name for help, I’m not coming out of this room.”  The kids loved spending the whole day with their Dad.

Painting Stripes and Design – the same steps I followed in my Bathroom June 116 (768x1024)Revamp, I followed here (plus a little bit of winging-it).  I painted the stripe color around outside edges of the 4 walls (as well as the slightly cookey corner), then taped and measured my design.  Followed by repainting the edges of all 4 walls with the stripe color to ‘seal’ the taped edges from bleeding through with my room color.  Lastly, I painting the WHOLE room in the final room color…  Make sense?  I hope so…

June 124 (1024x768)

The major problems I encountered were…Master Bedroom 034 (2000x1334)

  • Design:  In my head I was envisioning a comforting and restful bedroom; I needed to get it onto the walls in a reasonable and timely manner.  And of course the design I chose was the more difficult and complex to create with painter’s tape!
  • Level walls:  Our house was built in 1918; therefore, nothing is level, straight or even – I have come to accept and adapt.  Creating stripes along the floor trim was a synch, along the corners of the wall was a breeze, but when I hit the popcorn ceiling, the unlevel addition on the house, and over the closet/window frames I was beginning to lose my mind! Master Bedroom 004 (2000x1824) Each time I measured down from the ceiling, nothing was straight.  After about 30 minutes of working on a 5 ft. section, I was about to throw in the towel when I heard Andy in my head saying over and over “Really?  Really Beth?  You started this and didn’t finish?  Could you at least get some paint on the wall before I start to get gray hair?”

June 120 (1024x768)

I pulled some positive thinking out of my Mary Poppins bag and decided to wing-it (and I’ll have to invest in a laser level if I do this again).  By eyeballing it, I completed taping the design.Master Bedroom 003 (2000x1695)

Time Management…  Due to planning and prepping ahead of time, I was able to jump right in. I was confident, although Andy had his speculations…

  • The first time Andy popped his head into our bedroom and asked “Will I be sleeping here tonight or in the basement?” I answered, “As long as you keep to the kids, we will be all set.”  Then I looked around the room and thought…  I’m screwed!  I only have the stripe painted on some of the walls no tape on the wall…  And my paint is already running out and I’m not even sure I like the paint color.  What was I thinking??
  • The second time he asked “Will I be sleeping here tonight or in the basement?”  I answered, “I promise you will be sleeping here tonight, but I need you to get me more paint.”  Then I looked around the room and thought…  I’m screwed!  I can’t even decide on a design I like…  And I think I LOVE the more complicated and time consuming design!
  • The third time he asked “Will I be sleeping here tonight or in the basement?” while he was dropping off the newly purchased paint.  I answered, “Thank you for the paint.  I promise you will be sleeping in your bed, in this room tonight.”  As Andy shook his head at me and walked away, I looked around and thought…  Holy-Mother-Stinking-Cow!  I’m screwed!  What was I thinking?  Just keep going and you will finish.  Maybe I should grab a pillow and blanket for him to sleep in the basement now?
  • There was no fourth time…  I think Andy just gave up by that point.

Master Bedroom 023 (2000x840) Master Bedroom 035 (2000x1335) Master Bedroom 034 (2000x1334)

And by 10:30pm I was finished moving all the furniture back into place, vacuuming the floor, making the bed, and cleaning off paint brushes in the sink…  And I was falling in L-O-V-E with our bedroom all over again…

Master Bedroom 016 (2000x1848) Master Bedroom 001 (2000x1445) Master Bedroom 005 (2000x1743) Master Bedroom 013 (2000x1445)

Painting the stripes in this room was the biggest project I ever took on solo…  Have you ever taken on a BIG painting project solo?  What advice can you give me for my next painting project?  I’m planning on updating our family room…

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