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Dynamic Dean’s Super Hero Cape


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Wherever evil is lurking and danger is afoot…   Super Hero Dean is there to save the day!

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Your little “Super Hero In-The-Making” will be shouting “Wham! Bam! Pow!!” while speeding through your home wearing his/her Lily & Frog Super Hero Cape.  Dynamic Dean’s Lily & Frog Super Hero Cape is a charming addition to your “Super Hero In-The-Making’s ensemble.

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Dynamic Dean’s Lily & Frog Superhero Cape is custom designed using a bright green, 100% cotton flannel fabric.  Dynamic Dean’s Superhero Letter is created by using a pure white felt background outlined in a pure white straight stitch.  Sandwiched above the pure white felt is a pale grey felt, cut slightly smaller than the background felt.  Placed upon the pure dark grey felt is a bright green white letter “D” outlined in a pure white straight stitch.  

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The neckline of the cape is created by using a strand of pure white grosgrain ribbon.  Adding a finishing touch to this cape is the pure white straight stitch lining the outer edging of this entire Superhero Cape.

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Each Lily & Frog Super Hero Cape is custom-designed, so no two Super Hero Capes are ever the same. I will be happy to discuss with you a Super Hero Cape which works best for your little Super Hero In-the-Training while maintaining a classic pattern with a wholesome design, finished off with a sprinkle of Lily & Frog flair!  Super Hero Capes are available in ONE size, toddler age 3 size, unless otherwise stated by you.  They are also available in an assortment of colors and an array of accents.  Starting price for a custom designed Super Hero Cape is $25.00 and may vary slightly from there.

Interested in creating your own Super Hero Cape, visit our DIY instructions for details:  Designing your Super Hero Cape & Designing your Super Hero Letter

Lily & Frog Super Hero Capes are available through our Online Store.  For any questions, please contact Elizabeth directly via


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