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Lost & Found Socks…

Lost n Found

Lost n Found (12)The highlight of creating a Lost & Found Socks Sign…  When I showed it to Andrew I asked “Can you guess what this is for?” his facial reaction was adorable.  He looked puzzled and intrigued, and then I told him I’m going to glue clothes pins onto it and attach all the single socks.  He smiles, laughed and said “That’s genius; I have a whole bunch of single socks!”

There are similar Lost & Found Socks Signs throughout Pinterest  and after I stumbled upon it for the 4th time, I knew I needed to design one for our house.  With the sheer volume of mis-matched socks floating in and out of our home, this project is going to be perfect for my need to find a home for everything.  And seeing as how now I know I can hand paint lettering onto wood perfectly, this was going to be a snap!

Lily & Frog Supplies:

  • Your choice of letter font: Juice ITC font, size 130
  • 2 Spray paint colors: Flat finish in Dark Brown for background and flat finish in white for cloths pins
  • Acrylic paint: pure white for lettering
  • Brushes
  • Wood plaque
  • 6 clothes pins
  • Glue

Lost n Found (9)

Try 2 (3) (1024x576)

  1. Begin with opening the link for transferring Lettering onto Wood: Try #2
  2. Try 2 (18) (1024x697)Grab your supplies and get to spray painting. This is the same dark brown spray paint I used when designing Zach’s Tow Mater Race car.   Also, spray paint your clothes pins, I painted my clothes pins white to match the phrase I’ll be hand painting.Lost n Found (18)
  3. While the paint is drying; begin your designing…  Choose your phrase: Clean, Single & Looking for a Mate, there are other phrases you are more than welcome to use as well; i.e. Lost & Found, Spare Socks, etc., Choose the font:  Juice ITC, Choose the size: 130, Choose the alignment:  centeredTry 2 (20) (1024x615)
  4. Try 2 (3) (1024x576)Print out your phrase, this is when link for transferring Lettering onto Wood: Try #2 will be used.
  5. Follow ALL of the steps from this link

How is the outlining going?
And the hand painting?
Are you keeping a steady hand?

Once everything is dry, snag your clothes pins and place them where you would like them to appear on your plaque.  Once you have your placement, glue the clothes pins into place, I just used a generic glue, nothing too special because socks are not too heavy 😉

Lost n Found (21)    Lost n Found (20) Lost n Found (19)

Now…  Rifle through your house looking for a location to house your Lost & Found Socks Sign.

In our house, the best spot was in a central location between all 3 bedrooms and directly over our laundry basket.  This sign is adhered to the wall with 2 medium Command Stripe, super easy to use, just follow the instructions in the back.  Then use a level to help place it on the wall…

Lost n Found (5)    Lost n Found (4) Lost n Found (17) Lost n Found (9)    Lost n Found (7)Lost n Found (12)

And Voila!  You have yourself an adorable Lost Socks Sign…   to replace your pile of mis-matched socks!

Now you know my dirty little secret for keeping track of lost socks…  Now share with me your secret for keeping the Laundry Monster from chomping up all your little socks.

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