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Ramone’s House of Body Art

cars-ramone  AB

Remember Ramone from the Radiator Spring’, he is the owner of a custom body and paint shop called House of Body Art.  Ramone is an artist, a true genius with paint and metal.  Well this is our Kid Friendly version of Ramone’s House of Body Art

Simply purchase removable/washable Cars tattoos from the local party store or dollar store…  We found ours at the party store, but a few weeks later I discovered them for a fraction of the cost at the dollar store.  My advice, bargain shop for them!

Then ask a family member or friend to be your assistant…  I asked my Aunt to approach the kids (with the parent’s permission) asking if they would like a Cars tattoo from Ramone’s House of Body Art. The kids loved it!  I’m patting myself on the back for this one too 😉

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