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Lalaloopsy Rosy Bumps N’ Bruises

December 079 A (1024x576)

Rosy was once a rag doll who magically came to life when her very last stitch was sewn.  Rosy is made from pieces of a nurse’s uniform.

380px-Rosy_Bumps_n_Bruises  AB (380x480)

Adorned in a red, pink, and white dress of polka dots and pinstripes.  Draped around Rosy’s waist is a red and white polka dot apron with a bright red heart in the center. Buckled on her dainty feet are white Mary Jane shoes with a bright red bow.

Rosy Bumps ‘n’ Bruises, just so happens to be super-careful and always has a bandage handy for a boo-boo and she loves to drink orange juice.  Rosy always puts safety first and takes her teddy tag along for all her adventures.

My personal opinion is every little girl needs an outfit to match her favorite doll’s wardrobe…

And Miss J is no exception to this statement.  Her aunt had a sneaking suspicion a matching tutu for Miss J’s Lalaloopsy Rosy Bumps ‘n’ Bruises doll’s red, pink, and white dress was a perfect gift her darling niece.

December 080 (1024x576)

Laloopsy’s Rosy Bumps ‘n’ Bruises Tutu is designed using multiple tiers of pure white tulle with layers of stripes of bright red tulle.  The white and red tulle mirror the same white, red, and pink stripes in Rosy’s simply dress.  Trimming the bottom edges of Miss J’s tutu is grosgrain ribbon in three different patterns; a solid bright red, a bright red with white polka dots, and a pure white ribbon accented with bright red hearts.

December 068 (1024x576)

December 075  AB (1024x576)

Fastened around the tutu’s waist is a felt apron.  This apron is fastened using snaps, allowing for easy laundering.  This white and red apron is designed with felt to reflect the same polka dots and heart on Rosy’s very own apron.  The apron is trimmed with a bright red rick-rack ribbon and details of white and red stitching.

December 075 (1024x576)   December 056 (1024x576)

Miss J’s Laloopsy’s Rosy Bumps ‘n’ Bruises Tutu is accompanied with hair accessories…  We wouldn’t have it any other way!  These accessories are designed with a bright red and white grosgrain ribbon and a second pair of bows of a pure white ribbon accented with bright red hearts.

December 069 AB (1024x576)    December 083 (1024x576)

Each Lily & Frog tutu is custom-made, so no two tutus are ever the same. I will be happy to discuss with you a tutu which works best for your little prima ballerina while maintaining a classic pattern with a wholesome and delicate design, finished off with a sprinkle of Lily & Frog flair!

Tutus are available in a variety of sizes (size 6 months to toddler sizes), assortment of colors, coordinated hair accessories are NOT included.  Starting price for a custom designed tutu is $40.00 and may vary slightly from there.

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