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Lightning McQueen’s Winning Checkered Flag Tutu


October 022 A (1024x768)

WithZach’s Lightning McQueen Costume all planned out, all I needed was the perfect partner to compliment Zach’s costume for our darling Lily strut her stuff in…  It needed to be girlie, cute, adorable, sweet and dainty.  Unfortunately, there isn’t too much girlie, cute, adorable, sweet and dainty parked over in Radiator Spring. I was going to need to do a little brainstorming and research.  By this point I was researched out with all the Lightning McQueen sponsor logo searching and went to the best resource I knew – my Facebook friends!  I asked…

Zach wants to be Lightning McQueen for Halloween (I have ideas for making his costume already), but I can’t think of a corresponding costume for Lily… Any ideas from my crafty and creative friends who are well-versed in Cars?

Then my Facebook exploded with ideas of creativity.  Our top three ideas:

  • Miss Sally
  • Piston Cup
  • Checkered Flag

I knew I was able design all three, I just needed to envision which had the most sensible execution and made Lily as adorable as she already is!

And the winner is…  A Winning Checkered Flag!

October 023 (768x1024)

October 021 (768x1024)Since Lily is our little prima ballerina (even though sometimes she is more dirty and rugged than sparkling and dainty), she has to wear a tutu.

And from there the designing started…

Racers, Start your engines…  For some Winning Checkered Flag Tutu designing!

This Winning Checkered Flag Tutu was designed using tiers of pure white and solid black tulle.

Hugging her waist is black and white checkered flag grosgrain ribbon.  Trimming the bottom hem of each layer of tulle is a thin line of pure white and solid black grosgrain ribbon…

October 022 (2) (768x1024)

October 025 (1024x768)     October 026 (1024x768)

To get a slightly more dainty, sweet and add a little flair (she just needed it); I snagged some white, black and HOT pink plaid grosgrain ribbon which I tucked away hidden within the inner layer of tulle.  Lily is covered head to toe in a simple black long sleeve shirt and black leggings for warmth which I found on sale at the local store.

October 042 (2) (1024x768)

No girl would be complete without a hair accessory – Fashionably clipped into her hair is a white, black, and hot pink hair accessory made of thin grosgrain ribbon.  This clip received a little extra flair with the addition of fluffy tulle and glittery stones.  Unfortunately, Lily tens to rip clips from her hair and chew on them – This is how her coordinating hair clip met it’s demise.

Lily makes the perfect Winning Checkered Flag to Zach’s Lightning McQueen!  With her adorable, sweet and dainty personality combined with Zach’s love for Lightning McQueen, enjoyment of the movies, and excitement for Halloween – Zach and Lily are a spooky twosome in their Cars Movie inspired Halloween Costumes!

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