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 After posting Our Bathroom Revamp I have received numerous e-mail requests regarding the canvas wall décor.  Well, this wall décor is easy-peasy!

When you pop into Pinterest there is an explosion of DIY projects involving children’s hand prints.  The posting from Project Balancing Act :Testing the Limits of Having it All is simply darling is the sentimental, gooshy, make your heart melt, store away for when the babies start having babies kinda stuff I live for!

I realized there was no way in God’s green earth I would be able to get either of my two, high energy, active kids to sit still long enough to create the simply darling, sentimental wall décor, but I could create my own version.

Original Plan of Attack:  Using paint from the bathroom wall and four canvases I would get each of their hand and foot prints.  I June 018 (1024x768)accomplished my plan by 25%…

Actual Plan of the Attack:  The more I carve out a perfect plan, the more my kids throw a wrench in my plans!

June 023 (1024x768)In our attic I had stored away four old, dirty, ugly canvases I never planned on using again.

I laid them out on a drop cloth and applied 2 coats of the same color dark brown paint as the bathroom walls.

After letting all four canvases dry for 2 (maybe more like 5-6) days (I was a little busy), I rolled out butcher paper which I purchased from the dollar store and assembled all the supplies.

  • June 027 (1024x768)White washable paint (I need to be able to wash the paint from their cloths)
  • Paper plates for the paint
  • Sponge brushes

Next, I needed to advise Andy of my plans and convince him that helping his dear, sweet, amazing wife was in his best interest.

He happily (actually, grumpily) obliged my request; however, when he saw my set-up, there was a moment I thought he was going to run for the hills.

June 103 (1024x768)

June 100 (1024x768)Andy is the master at getting the kids to supply a hand print…  I would put money on his any day of the week!  And there is a 99% chance the hand or foot print will come out smashingly!  Well in this case, that didn’t happen.

June 102 (1024x768)Before Lily could make a complete mess, we swooped in, grabbed her tiny feet and snagged her two foot prints!  After a lot of work – all Lily wanted to do was make fists and squish the paint between her fingers, in her hair, and smear it across her belly – we gave up on the hands for the time being…

All the while trying Zach was screaming in the background because he wanted to paint the canvases with every other color in creation BUT white!

June 104 (1024x768)We decided to take a break from Lily’s hand prints and try for Zach’s hand and foot prints.  There was absolutely, positively ZERO chance this kid was going to accommodate our wishes…  ZERO.  His screaming continued to get worse and worse, I swear the neighbors were probably peering out their windows.

All I wanted was sentimental white hand and foot prints…

All Zach wanted was to paint…

After a negotiation meeting between both parties, I compromised to allow Zach to paint with white, blue and green paint on two of the canvases, while Lily painted her one remaining canvas.  What really happened…Andy was no longer going to help.  He left telling me, “Just let the kid paint.”  Obviously I lost that one…

Bathroom 011 (1024x768) (2)

And in the end, everything came out adorable.  I twisted eye hooks into top of the wood canvas, marked names and ages, strung through ivory yarn and hung them on the wall.

Bathroom 014 (1024x753) - Copy   Bathroom 014 (1024x753) - Copy (2)   Bathroom 013 (1024x766) - Copy (2)   Bathroom 013 (1024x766) - Copy

I told you…

Simply Easy Peasy!

Do you have a project, just for the kids, to mark their growth and development?  Share it in the comments!

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