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Memory T-shirt Blanket


July 312

The inspiration of Andy’s T-Shirt blanket has caught on…  I have a stack of garbage bags full to the brim with T-shirts ready for blankets.

This is a blanket for our friend Tom…

July 313

Tom supplied me with a load of different T-shirt colors, designs, patterns, badges, and fabric.  Each in its own right, supplying me with a whole heap of inspiration for design.  After cutting all his shirts into random square sizes to capture the color, important dates and locations, symbols, and designs, I began by categorizing his T-shirts…

  • Video Games
  • Cartoons
  • Electronics
  • Sports
  • Sentimental – fuzzy feeling

Soon I was sprawled out on the dining room floor creating a haphazard design and pattern…

       July 305      July 308 July 309

If you look closely; starting in the center (Cowboys tile), then circling out is a pattern for each category of T-shirt, along with an even balance of sizing, and keeping all the colors opposite one another.  The entire back of Tom’s T-shirt blanket is lined with a soft and warm heather grey anti-pill fleece.

July 313      July 318 July 315

Each of Lily & Frog T-Shirt Blanket is entirely custom-made, unfortunately they cannot be duplicated exactly.  I will be happy to discuss with you a blanket which works best for your recipient while maintaining a classic quilted design, finished off with a sprinkle of Lily & Frog flair!

A Lily & Frog T-Shirt Blanket is available in a variety of colors and sizes:

  • Small blanket: $140.00, measuring 40″ x 40″ and requires 16 T-shirt + Shipping
  • Medium blanket: $180.00, measuring 40″ x 50″ and requires 20 T-shirt + Shipping
  • Large blanket: $220.00, measuring 50″ x 60″ and requires 30 T-shirt + Shipping

After details your Lily & Frog T-shirt Blanket have been exchanged, the final checkout will be done through our Etsy Shop.  For any questions, please contact Elizabeth directly via

Looking to get your hubby to purge his old T-shirts? Let me make them into a blanket! You can make your hub happy and yourself happy all in one fail swoop!

Other gift ideas…

  • T-shirts of little league baseball teams your son played on
  • T-shirts of sports teams your boy played on in HS
  • T-shirts of Broadway shows your daughter visited in NY
  • T-shirts of states traveled to as a family
  • T-shirts of cheerleading championships
  • T-shirts of Greek life (sorority and fraternity life)

The ideas are endless… If you supply the garbage bag of T-shirts, I’ll deliver a blanket to help solve your problem!

How to place an order: Visit our Shop or contact Elizabeth directly at  If a product above is not shown in our shop, please contact Elizabeth directly for a custom order.

Visit our Shop for purchasing. You may also e-mail Lily & Frog directly at


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