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Master Bedroom Upgrade!


Master Bedroom  564100

 I can still remember the first time we walked into our master bedroom…

07 Master bedroom 1

We happened to stumble upon our house while searching for another Open House in town.  As we turned the corner into the master bedroom, there was no turning back.  The master bedroom was H-U-G-E;  Well, large for a normal person house, not a master bedroom of a Housewife.  As we walked through the room we noticed a sliding door at the far end, leading to a private little porch overlooking the backyard and just the right size for a quaint pair of chairs and tiny table.  Of course we turned to one another saying ‘We can have coffee in the morning out here…’  and after 7 years we still have yet to do this.

And just like every other warm blooded American family with kids, every room in our house received a little special touch…every room but ours own.  Shame on us! It was time to make it happen!!

Master Bedroom 048 (2000x1607)

Master Bedroom 035 (2000x1335)Plan of attack:

  1. Bedding – Boy, did we need bedding!  I was sick and tired of our boring old bedding; although, if you ask Andy, it was just fine.   Baloney!  Plain and simple, I needed new bedding!
  2. Layout – I knew there had to be a better way for our bedroom to work with our day to day life; specifically a husband working evenings and midnights, afternoon napping, sleeping all morning before 16 hour shifts, changing without waking one another, kids running in and out, and aesthetically pleasing.  We can’t have an ugly room, now can we?
  3. Paint Color – This tooMaster Bedroom 025 (2000x1074)k me forever to choose.  I needed something to coordinate with our chocolate brown, room darkening curtains and the array of shades of gray on our new bedding.
  4. Time Frame – I expected to take only ONE day.  Yeah I said it…  ONE day, knowing full well the bathroom (1/12 of the size) took about 3 days!
  5. Painting Stripes and Design – After tackling the bathroom, I knew I could recreate the vision in my head on the walls.  I walked into this project a little overly confident.  But to be honest, I was more than pleased with my work on the bathroom and knew our bedroom would look amazing as well.

Master Bedroom 012 (2000x1420)

 Actually making it all happen:Master Bedroom 041 (2000x2000)

  1. Bedding Each time I walked into Target I strolled the bedding department trying to spy bedding to fit both Andy and my tastes, and was on SALE.  Then I discovered a 10 piece bedding set for $50 and I got 5% off for using my Target credit card – Jackpot!
  2. Layout – Introducing Andy to the vision in my head for a room layout was simple. Getting him be my muscle and move the furniture was another story. I ended up using my feminine guile to persuade him to move all of the over sized furniture.  After a little grumbling from the peanut gallery I won, furniture was moved and we both enjoyed the new locations.  I even asked him to move everything a few weeks before, just-in-case I needed him to make a few adjustments along the way.Master Bedroom 005 (2000x1743) Master Bedroom 009 (2000x1246)
  3. Paint Color – After my first voyage to the paint store for the bathroom, I was pro. Needless to say, I made a prefect pick 😉Master Bedroom 025 (2000x1074)
  4. Time Frame – Let’s just say, my husband was completely shocked we were even able to sleep in our own room that night!  Visit the link for a complete tutorial
  5. Painting Stripes and DesignThis will require a trip to my tutorial on painting stripes…

Master Bedroom 019


  • Layout adjusting…  Yes, I pulled out a tape measure to ensure all the furniture was center on walls and spaced perfectly.  Including the locations of laundry baskets and pillow storage in the corner
  • All of the wall hangings I gathered from throughout the house.  I was not about to buy something new if we already had it in the house.
  • Draperies…  I followed my 5 up & 5 Out Rule of Thumb and also removed and the valances from both windows.  By doing so the room appears taller and brighter.  The valance was weighing the room down.

Master Bedroom 036 (2000x1004) Master Bedroom 038 (1598x2000)

After 14 hours of moving furniture, painting, taping, marking the wall, leveling the lines, and cleaning up my disastrous mess…

Master Bedroom 006 (2000x1408) Master Bedroom 045 (2000x1680) Master Bedroom 041 (2000x2000) Master Bedroom 035 (2000x1335) Master Bedroom 025 (2000x1074) Master Bedroom 002 (2000x1537)  Master Bedroom 013 (2000x1445)

Our Master Bedroom looks absolutely marvelous, it well exceeds any expectations I ever had for my vision and I am exceptionally proud of myself for sticking with it.

Is there a room in your home which you are just itching to update and decorate?  What room is it?  What would you do to your room?


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