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Our Bathroom Revamp!


Bathroom Web123 (1024x506)

I would never state our first floor bathroom was the corner stone of our home…  SIDE NOTE:  I’m utterly embarrassed by our ‘before bathroom’ so I only have a picture from half way through painting and it is a terrible picture, too…

June 002 (768x1024)

But it certainly is the corner of our home collecting the most dirt, mess, smudges, dust, grim and grit.  Between a toddler, infant, cat, dog and husband running through this bathroom on a regular basis, it is turning into a train wreck.

The bathroom was in store for a mandatory update.

Bathroom 017 (722x1024)   Bathroom 019 (755x1024)

For quite some time, I have been itching to experiment with some stripes on walls, but I assumed it was too much to take on with the kiddies in the background.  After coming across several pins on Pinterest regarding painting stripes, I was slammed over the head with the inspiration stick!  This is what I discovered:   Unskinny Boppy’s Blog post entitled The Lazy Girl’s Time Saving Tips for Painting Wall Stripes.

Bathroom 024 (1024x756)Now knowing how to paint stripes, it was off to the hardware store to browse paint swatches… with two under two (and a half)!  I know, what sane person would do that?!? That being said, I have SO many screws loose already, just add this one to the pile!

Bathroom 034 (1024x751)

Since I’m a multi-tasker, I decided to shop for not only the bathroom paint colors, but also our master bedroom (more on that later). There I am, standing in the paint swatch aisle, with Zach running circles around the shopping cart and Lily laughing her head off at him.  A stranger asks what room I am painting and what items I am attempting to match.  Looking right back in my face was the tag on his shirt… I had hit the painting LOTTO!

[insert name here] Paint Consultant, Behr

I knew this man would be able to answer all of my paint, color matching, and decorating questions.  Suddenly his phone rang, he needed to step away (NO!). Then, Zach was on a mission to see every forklift on the property of the hardware store (Double, NOO!!).  When I eventually manipulated Zach into walking back to the painting department, the Behr man had disappeared (Triple, NOOO!!!).  My winning lotto ticket was whisked away in the wind, I would have to do it the hard way…on my own.

With all paint and paint supplies purchased for our bathroom and master bedroom, I was ready to dive right in.  I had one thought ringing in my ears; all the tutorials I read regarding painting stripes spoke about about paint bleeding and being extra careful to seal the edges, etc…  I didn’t have time (or patience) for this extra work.  As I was just about to throw in the towel, I happened upon this blog post Painting Stripes {My Walls and the Secret to Crisp Lines} by The Inspired Room which I found on Pinterest.

When you read it, it sounds a little confusing, but when you actually see it being done, and do it yourself, it is a cinch.

My gift to you – the Cliffs Notes version of how I did it…

  1. Painted a thick strip of brown paint exactly where I wanted my finished strip to be. June 006 (1024x768)   June 005 (1024x768)
  2. Measured and laid out my finished stripe in blue painter’s tape (the Frog Tape described in the post was a little too much $$ for me to fork out) and paint over with the same brown paint to seal the tape.June 007 (768x1024)   June 008 (768x1024) There were a few places the tape was bubbling up, I thought…  I’m in trouble, but trust me, it is OK    June 011 (1024x768)   June 009 (1024x768)
  1. Painted directly over all my brown paint with tan (our main room color)
  2. I peeled the painter’s tape from the wall as it was still wet and cleaned up a few stray bleed-thrus (with the help of Zach)…

June 015 (768x1024)    June 014 (768x1024) June 013 (768x1024)

I made a few additions to the room to make it a little more functional and fun…

Bathroom 015 (697x1024) Bathroom 011 (1024x768)    Bathroom 014 (1024x753)Bathroom 019 (755x1024) Bathroom 026 (1024x767)   Bathroom 009 (1024x744)

Even with our bathroom revamp, I would not go so far as to call the bathroom the corner stone of our home; however, I’m far from embarrassed to have friends and family in and out of this corner of our home…

Bathroom 032 (731x1024)   Bathroom 036 (768x1024) Bathroom 030 (757x1024) Bathroom 028 (756x1024) Bathroom 020 (768x1024)   Bathroom 016 (707x1024) Bathroom 007 (743x1024)   Bathroom 036 (799x1024)

Since this was my first attempt at painting stripes…  Do you have any words of advice for a novice painter?  I would love to learn as much as I possibly can about painting rooms.  Thanks in advance! 

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