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A Little Leopard in Her Life Blanket…

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Well, it may not be leopard print, but this blanket will add a little warmth and love into an early arrival’s life.

I was asked by a friend (she is Lily & Frog’s editor-at-large) to design a blanket for a premature baby who was born at 26 weeks…  Well of course!  The baby’s Mommy said “She can use a little leopard in her life” with this, my friend and I got working (and Lily too).

After scouring the fabric store (for several days)…


And texting pictures back and forth (for several days)…


Lily and I were thoroughly disappointed.  All we were finding was hot pink and black leopard spandex which was WAY too reminiscent of two things…  being a child of the 80’s AND a spandex jumpsuit.  There was NO way I would make a blanket out of that.  All of the leopard fur reminded me of an over-done little old lady…  And there was NO way I would make a baby blanket out of that either…

Just as Lily and I were about to throw in the towel and try again for another day, we froze in our steps as we stumbled upon this…

May - Phone 086        May - Phone 085

Even though it was not leopard, it was ideal for what we were envisioning and with my friend’s texted approval, Lily and I got the ball rolling on our…

A Little Leopard in Her Life Blanket

DSC_0198 DSC_0109

A Little Leopard in Her Life is handcrafted using gentle 100% cotton fabric, colored in several shades of bright pink and a vibrant pink zebra print.   All backed with a solid piece of heather gray anti-pill fleece. Lily & Frog has found the fitting balance of an endearing baby blanket and a simple, versatile, and classic design. A design which both Mommy and Daddy would be proud to have draped over their shoulder. A Little Bit of Leopard in Her Life is the ideal blanket for a tiny snuggle with your little one, tucked into a stroller for a leisurely walk through the park, and gentle for your tiny tot to embrace all through the night. This blanket is $30.00. If a larger size is requested, pricing will be adjusted accordingly.  This blanket also comes with matching bright pink rosettes with rhinestones for a little extra glitz and glam!

June - Phone 097

To help survive an active child (i.e. extra washings, durability, dragging through the mud, chewing from the dog, and everyday use) an additional stitching is added between all squares and a double line stitching along all edging, blanket measures approximately 34” x 34” (give or take a stitch or two).  All blankets are prewashed and preshrunk in Dreft detergent, the same detergent I use for my own kiddies. My preferred washing cycle for blankets is a cold wash and tumble dry low heat or no heat.

Advanced Notice Required: This blanket is custom-made, with a normal time frame of 3-4 weeks, not including shipping. If you require an item(s) sooner than Lily & Frog’s normal time frame, please contact Lily & Frog directly BEFORE purchasing. This will help to ensure I will be able to accommodate the date you have requested.

How to place an order: Visit our Shop or contact Elizabeth directly at  If a product above is not shown in our shop, please contact Elizabeth directly for a custom order.

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